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Boat Tag
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No one likes pus on their best clothes, so don't get infected

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Ship owners and crews. Elapsed time 1 hour round on Saturday and a 1 hour final round on Sunday
Unit of Entry Teams of 4 Participant Time Until they are out or the end of the competition, they can always stay on and help the infected
Expected Participation Max 20 teams, this will be controlled by first come first served basis but if there is a big demand it may be possible to stretch it to 25 teams. Judging Time 1 hour to decide all the winners
Platform Viridian Ocean, on the actual Ocean


Event Description

The basic principle: of boat tag is that the players are trying not to get infected by the already infected crew, if they do get infected then they are knocked out of the game and so must port their ship. After they have ported they have two choices: they can either sit out completely or they can job for the infected crew and help defeat other crew. Registration: To sign up each 4 man team will need to assign itself a leader who must register his team with an umpire. To do this they must send a tell to one of the umpires before the start of the game. Registration will open 3 days before the event and close 2 hours before the event. The umpire will then take the team's info which will include pirate's names, ship name (all ships used by players must be sloops), and of course team name. The team then has until the game to get it's ship to the starting island which will be told to the team leader by the umpire. The game: It will take place over one course for an hour per round. The course will start off with just two islands that the teams are allowed to go between but at any time new islands may be opened up so that the players have more space to move around. There will be umpires ported at each island that has become open to make sure no one goes past it or ports, both of these acts will result in disqualification (and thus infection). The players will have 1 minute to get up some speed before the infected are released. Once the infected have been released then they are free to attack whoever they want and if the infected crew wins the pvp then the crew that was attacked is infected. If however the attacked crew wins then they are free to get away as quickly as possible without being infected.


There will be prizes awarded to the crew (or crews) that remains uninfected for the whole game (or the last crew to be infected), a prize for the crew that defeated the most number of infected ships. The infected team that defeats the most players and a prize for the most sportsman-like crew (being the most gracious in defeat an getting straight on with infecting people). There will be a panel of judges to determine this prizes. These judges will be officers from the infected crew and possibly some of the umpires.


For the crew or crews that remains uninfected a re-named sloop called the Infected Trout and 5k poe to each member of the crew, the crew that defeated the most infected ships gets a re-named sloop called The Inoculated Trout and 1k poe per infected crew defeated for each crew member, for the infected team that defeats the most players 1k poe per crew defeated for each crew member and for the most sportsman-like crew 5k poe each.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

There will be about 5 volunteers needed per infected ship sent out which could equal about 25 from the off. Most of these can come from within the crew I am in but there will also be an oppurtunity for people to register as an infected member instead of a player. They can do this in the same way as normal but just say they want to be infected. About 4 umpires will be needed to make sure the rules are up held and for registration puproses.

OM Assistance

There would be help needed to alert people to the competetion, possbily an Ocean wide announcement about the game and how to register. Also there would be a small amount of help needed in re-naming the sloops.

Workshop Coaching

It may be possible to have the infected crew as brigands at least to start off with but how would the umpires know if someone has been knocked out. Also how would the players be told which courses they are able to sail on, unless they are all jobbed into a crew but then they cant nav or gun.


Previous Similar Events

There have been races but nothing like a game of tag that I am aware off.


Eager to learn, willing to take advice and a good listener.