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Midnight’s Musical Mystery Tour
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Musical clues lead pirates to tourneys where the prizes reveal a clue to solve a musical mystery.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Subscribers with access to Shanty Radio. Elapsed time Up to four hours
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Participant Time Up to four hours
Expected Participation 50 or more. Judging Time However long it takes for the first three pirates to solve the mystery.
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

A beloved Midnight mermaid has lost her song. It was stolen, locked in a treasure chest, and hidden somewhere on Midnight. Every fifteen minutes for three hours Shanty Radio will play selected songs whose title or lyrics are clues to island inns where 8k local only tourneys will take place. Parts of the story of the stolen song will be read on Shanty every thirty minutes. The tourneys will rotate Drinking, Sword fighting, and Treasure Drop. The Prizes will be assorted trinkets. The trinkets themselves are clues to finding the mermaid’s song. The story also has clues. Using the story and/or trinket clues the contestants have the final sixty minutes to find and name the mermaid’s song.


A tell to me with the location and the title of the song.


8k cascading pots and a trinket at each of the twelve tourneys. First place for finding and naming the song: a sloop named the 'Singing Mermaid' with a treasure chest aboard. Second place 25k. Third place 10k.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

My lovely flag mate Kittyn of Shanty Radio has agreed to be my 'Shanty Connection', I will of course pay any radio fees as needed.

OM Assistance

I will need the twelve trinkets, the sloop rename, and hopefully the treasure chest.

Workshop Coaching

Always looking for new and better ways to have things run smoother, and I’m not happy with the sloop name.


Previous Similar Events

this is a combination scavenger hunt, mystery, tourney event with the twist of musical clues. While it uses many parts of other events I believe the musical clues set it apart.


Beast Master, Mug Master, Animal Madness, Wrapped up in Love Costume Ball, Holiday Home Show and Boat Parade, Xtreme Tailor, and more. Crazy as they make me I love events, and I have really enjoyed the creativity and hard work shown in all the entries. They spur me on! Thank ye, Puffnstuff