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The Blockade Coordination Challenge
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This is a single elimination blockade tournament focused on the ability of a flag to coordinate their navigators and jobbers.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Large Flags Elapsed time Three weekends
Unit of Entry Flag based teams Participant Time Three hours for each round plus preparation time
Expected Participation Six teams of approximately 100. The right to participate will be decided by a silent auction. Judging Time Near Instantaneous
Platform On the Viridian Ocean at Islands yet to be determined


Event Description

This event will be broken into two basic sections.

  1. Silent Bidding to participate.
  2. The Blockade Tournament.

Silent Bidding

Six teams will be selected by means of silent bidding. Pieces of eight will be submitted to event staff for a period of five days. All money collected will be placed in the prize pool. Event staff will post what times they will be available to accept bids with a minimum of three different times every day. A ranked list of all flags participating in the auction will be updated daily. At no point will the amounts bid be disclosed. At the end of bidding the six flags with the highest bids will be chosen to participate. This day shall be known as selection day. The monarch of each flag will have twelve hours to post their selections to the forums. The top ranked flag will get first choice in opponent or the option to choose one of the two byes. Selection will continue down the list until the top three teams have chosen. Then the team with a bye that donated the most money will choose which match they wish to play the winner of. The event staff will then assign islands to the matches. This concludes the first section of the event.

Blockade Tournament

The tournament is a single elimination tournament. Each match will consist of best two out of three rounds of a nonsinking blockade where each team will be allowed to field the following ships.

  • Round 1
    • 2 Merchant Brigs and 6 Cutters
    • Reinforcements of 1 Merchant Brig and 2 cutters
  • Round 2
    • 1 War Brig, 1 Merchant Brig and 4 Cutters
    • Reinforcements of 1 Merchant Brig and 3 cutters
  • Round 3
    • 4 War Brigs
    • Reinforcements of 2 War Brigs

The reinforcements will only be allowed to enter the playing field when a ship of the same class is sunk. If at any point a team fields too many ships the extra ships will be booted from the board and considered sunk for the purposes of fleet size for that round. The team will also be fined fifty points per excess ship fielded that round. Any matches scheduled for the same day will run at the same time. There are no restrictions or requirements on the people for your team. All ships must be in the flag that they are representing; allies will not be accepted. The team that wins two rounds will advance.

The four teams participating in match one of the tournament will move their fleet of ships and supplies to islands specified on selection day. Match one will occur on the Saturday following selection day. Teams that fought in match one will fight match two at the same island the following day. The teams that received byes will be expected to have their fleets in place for their Sunday match. Match 2 will determine the two finalists. The finalist who donated the least money is expected to move their fleet to the island that their opponents fleet is located at. The final match will take place on the Sunday a week after match 2. The match will be scheduled for after the end of the standard blockade window. The winner of this match will be declared the best flag at blockade coordination.


  • March 3:Event Begins, bids accepted through selection day.
  • March 7:Selection Day, participants chosen and islands assigned.
  • March 11:Match 1
  • March 12:Match 2
  • March 19:Match 3(finals)


Each match will require at least one judge and one OM to be present to enforce the rules. Two judges and one OM per match would be preferred so that each judge can handle one team. Judging will consist of counting off the number of penalties against each side when determining the winner of the round from the end or round score. The OMs need to be present to boot ships in violation of the event rules.


I have two different possible prize schemes in mind depending on the scale of prize support available from the OMs

Prize Scheme 1

  • Winners will get to choose one item from their tier or any tier below them in addition to the money listed.
  • Prizes listed in italics are subject to OM/Dev approval.
  • The housing is intended to provide a flag meeting and socializing area that would benefit the whole flag

Tier 1 (1st place)

  • 1/2 of the prize pool
  • Large Island
  • Estate and furniture of value not to exceed 500,000 pieces of eight and 800 doubloons
  • One shop on Dragon's Nest
  • Three shops on a ringer island that is not Dragon's Nest

Tier 2 (2nd place)

  • 3/10 of the prize pool
  • Medium Island
  • Mansion and furniture of value not to exceed 300,000 pieces of eight and 500 doubloons
  • One shop on a ringer island that is not Dragon's Nest

Tier 3 (3rd and 4th place)

  • 1/10 of the prize pool
  • Outpost island
  • Villa and furniture of value not to exceed 100,000 pieces of eight and 200 doubloons
  • 1 Ironmonger or Distillery on a ringer island that is not Dragon's Nest

Prize Scheme 2

  • Prizes listed in italics are subject to OM/Dev approval.
  • This plan involves the ringers taking a large island and developing it. All shops would be on this island.
  • Winners would receive all prizes listed at their level.

Tier 1 (1st place)

  • 1/2 of the prize pool
  • 4 shops

Tier 2 (2nd place)

  • 3/10 of the prize pool
  • 2 shops
  • 1 ironmonger or distillery

Tier 3 (3rd and 4th place)

  • 1/10 of the prize pool
  • 1 ironmonger
  • 1 distillery

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

This event will run much smoother with a team of several people working on it. My ideal number would be four additional volunteers. I am pretty sure that I already have two volunteers.

OM Assistance

I will need OM's present to boot ships from the blockade board during every match. This will mean two OMs during the first and second matches. The OM's will also need to set up the blockades for the requisite times and days. I also think that turning blockades off for the weekend of first two matches would be a good idea. The OM's would also have to provide a portion of the prizes under either prize scheme.

Workshop Coaching

Find ways to give better prizes. Also learn how to coordinate with the OM's to host events.


Previous Similar Events

Tedv's Event on midnight. In addition to being on a different ocean this event focuses on a drastically different set of skills. Tedv's event tested the flags abilities to field two ships of excellent puzzlers and two rockstar navigators. This tests much more the depth of the navigation talent and ability to coordinate both the navigators and the puzzlers.


28 rounds of blockade coordination and over 100 rounds of blockade navigation experience.