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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

'Eye for an Eye'
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It is said that true dedication can be measured by how much a pirate is willing to lose at sea. In this case, a body part!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone Elapsed time 3 - 4 Hours
Unit of Entry Each crew will choose 6 members to form their team. Participant Time 15 - 30 minutes
Expected Participation 50 teams Judging Time 30 Minutes
Platform Harmattan Island - Kirin Island (Viridian Ocean)


Event Description


1. 2 Flags and with 1 Crew each will be formed by the Event Planners wherein the 2 are at war with each other.

2. Each Crew will pick 6 among their full-time members (who still have all their body parts intact) to participate in this contest.

3. Participants and an Event Planner will be jobbed to Event Crew 1 and will board a sloop.

4. A different Event Planner will board a sloop in Event Crew 2 and engage the participants, and ultimately sinking them.

5. The first team that has a participant lose a body part wins.

6. In the event that the 3 winner spots have not been filled and all crews have already tried for this contest, they will all be granted one more shot until all winning spots are filled. Of course, teams that already won will not participate anymore in this.


Quite simply, it's like a race to get a limb detached.


1st Place - 2 Appearance changing potions of the crew's choice for each participant (if they choose the hair tonic and beard wax, they'll all get that). - 20,000 Poe

2nd Place - Appearance changing potions of the crew's choice for each participant (everyone will get the same thing). - 10,000 Poe

3rd Place - A choice of either the Hair Tonic or the Beard Wax (everyone will get the same thing). - 5,000 Poe

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Just need 3 - 5 people to help organize contestants

OM Assistance

1. Turn off brigand activity in the Harmattan - Kirin route

2. Ban players who interrupt the participants

Workshop Coaching

1. Timeframe

2. Organization of data and participants


Previous Similar Events

none that we know of...


Our crew has great teamwork and very reliable.