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Viridian Trivia Challenge
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Show off your trivia knowledge to win a sloop!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Viridian pirates Elapsed time 3-4 hours
Unit of Entry Individual entries Participant Time 1 hour per round, 1-3 rounds
Expected Participation 160 pirates, 4 groups of 40 each Judging Time immediately
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description


All participants must register for the competition by replying to the thread under the Events section on the official YPP forums. The order of registration will be used in the competition.

Based on the number of entrants, the structure of the competition may change with rounds being added or (God forbid!) removed. Also, the calendar for the competition could change, with various rounds being held in different days, if the Elapsed Time will grow with the number of participants.

Qualification round

Toranaga, the host, will be jobbing the entrants aboard the MG Well-known Lamprey, until 40 pirates are on board and the round can begin. The questions will be asked on the vessel chat, and participants will have to send tells to the host with their answers. The first correct answer receives a point. When a pirate reaches 5 points, he qualifies for the next round and must leave the vessel and wait for that round to begin. When we have 6 pirates qualified from a group, the rest of the pirates left on the ship will be dismissed and eliminated from the competition. Not before thanking them for participation.

Semifinal round

Similar to the qualification round, this will be held on the WB Strong Hagfish. The 24 qualifiers from the previous round will be invited on board, and a new set of questions will follow. When a pirate accumulates 10 points, he qualifies for the final round, and will leave the ship immediately. The round will continue until we have 6 finalists. All remaining pirates will be dismissed and congratulated for their efforts.

Final round

This round will take place aboard the sloop Successful Cod (unless I can have it renamed to something more appropriate), which is also the top prize of the competition. The winner is the pirate first to accumulate 15 points, at which moment the competition ends. The deed for the prize sloop will be handed over immediately to the winner, and the consolation prizes for all the finalists. The finalists may choose from the consolation prizes based on the order they finished in (most points first). In case of a tie in the number of points, the pirate who gave a correct answer first will choose first.


  • While aboard the ship, no participants are allowed to speak on the vessel and jobbing chats. These will be reserved for questions and announcements, respectively.
  • After the round begins, no tells shound be sent to the host, except for answers.
  • Each pirate is entitled to one and only one answer for any given question. Additional tells for the same question will be promptly ignored.
  • There will be a limit of 30 seconds for each question to be answered. I'm trying to test your knowledge, not your google abilities.
  • After a question is announced, the host will shout STOP! either when a correct answer has been received or when the 30 seconds have passed. No answers should be sent after that shout.
  • Spamming will not be tolerated. Any spammer will be planked without warning and eliminated from the competition.
  • No arguments will be accepted on the answers themselves. The host's decision in accepting or rejecting an answer is final, and your witty comments will only lead to planking and elimination.


The host will confirm each answer during the competition. Spelling will matter, capitalization will not, i.e. if Marilyn Monroe was the expected answer, then marilyn monroe will be accepted, whereas maryln monore will not.


A sloop for the winner. Various items (TBA) for the finalists. I have some poe I can use, maybe I'll purchase some trinkets, or find donations.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

No volunteers will be required.

OM Assistance

A rename for the prize sloop, if I can come up with something appropriate. Any suggestions?

Workshop Coaching


Previous Similar Events

Not during my YPP lifespan. I've searched the Events forum and found some old threads about trivia contests, nothing recent, not a single one on Viridian.


Best in Pub several times, organizer of various Pub Quiz events. I have a large collection of trivia questions, and the skill to create the software for scoring.