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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

'The 1 League Stand'
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There has been much debate about what crew is the most skilled. This is where you step up and prove it!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience High Level Pillagers Elapsed time 4 Hours
Unit of Entry Crews will choose 20 of their members to participate as a team. Participant Time 15 - 20 Minutes
Expected Participation 30 Teams Judging Time 30 Minutes - 1 Hour
Platform Harmattan Islad - Kirin Island (Viridian Ocean)


Event Description


1. Each crew will choose 20 members and be asked to board a war brig along with an Event planner as witness to their efforts.

2. Only full-time crew members are allowed.

3. Duty Report standings will have corresponding points that will be added up.

4. Each crew will only be given til the first league point to put their best foot forward.

5. There should be 1 navigator and only 2 gunners.

6. In the event that that the crew is engaged by brigands or pvp'ed, they will be asked to go back to port after battle and wait til the ship reset or board a different War Brig to retry the contest.

7. After the Eliminations round, the 5 crews with the most points will be able to compete in the finals.

8. The Crew with the most points after the finals wins.


Points System:

Incredible - 5 Points

Excellent - 3 Points

Good - 1 Point

Fine - 0 Points

Poor - -1 Point

Booched - -2 Points

Learning - -3 Points

Bonus Points:

Full Speed - 5 Points

All Cannons Loaded - 5 Points


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Alts with special names to represent the event planners.

OM Assistance

1. Turn off brigand activity at the Harmattan - Kirin Route.

2. Ban people who PVP participants.

3. Broadcast the event.

4. Special Furniture

Workshop Coaching

1. Timeframe

2. Keeping the data organized


Previous Similar Events

This event is much like the bake-offs for familiars, but this one will be crew vs crew and not an individual competition.


Well, I for one am an eventologist in real life, but I have not experience organizing an event online. I have the full support of my crew.