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Too Much Grog,Costume Arena!!!
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Dress up and say what/who your trying to be for a group of judges. Top 3 get a prize.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience everyone Elapsed time One to a cupple of hours
Unit of Entry Individual entries Participant Time Start to finish ( Partisipants may leave during the comp. but, if they miss their turn or the prize give away if elegable, they will be disqualified)
Expected Participation All come, all searved (unless I get an overwelming amount) Judging Time 1-5 min. per entry, 5-10 for final analisis, 3-10 for tie breakers
Platform Viridian Ocean, Sakajima


Event Description

I've done it. Drank so much grog that if you say you are somthing I will belive ye! BUT, if you dont look the part your cover is blown SO Put on whatever ye have handy and come on down. Top three most creative entries will get something nice to take home.


Judging will be done by a group of three judges, each giving the partisipant a grade of 1-10 points, then being added to the final score of that individual. points will be givin for creativity, uniquness, and hilariousness(who doesent like a good laugh?)


three, unknow to contestants,(Ex: have three words, have first place pick one, give them the prize that reprisents, repeat for 2ed place, third gets remaining word) I was thinking of a animal sort of thing, something relating to a plant, and mabe a ship or part of a ship.(I'll take anything you throw at me though!)

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

two volenteirs to be part of my three person judge pannal

OM Assistance

Broadcasting and the three prizes

Workshop Coaching

where on Sakagima the event could be held, needs two rooms and a way to get their if not a public bulding.Also how to keep prizes unknow while still getting approval from OM.


Previous Similar Events

their have been dress up events for a long time but, none of the ones I know of lets you pick a theme for your entrie (ex: puffin)and rattles the creativity section of your mind trying to think of something. Also creativity is the key part to this comp., not looking good (though that helps)


My first event, I have good freinds in my crew who will help out.