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Crafting Triathlon
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Pirates will race to complete labor at each of the three crafting puzzles.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone Elapsed time 4 Days
Unit of Entry Individual entries Participant Time Less than an hour
Expected Participation Limited to 30 participants on a first come first entered basis. More may be accepted based on interest level and the number of judges/shops I am able to utilize. Judging Time One day after the final heat to get a labor report to verify the accurate completion of puzzles.
Platform Midnight Ocean on several different islands


Event Description

The goal of the competition is to complete the specified types of labor or product at each of the types of businesses in the shortest period of time. The race begins by ordering grog at a specified distillery. The pirate must then complete all the labor and deliver the grog to a specified ship in port. Next they order a whisking potion at a specified apothecary. The whisking potion must be completed and delivered. The whisking potion is then used to whisk to the next location where one hour of expert labor must be completed at a specified shipyard. The order of events might be varied for some of the heats.

Overcoming the many obstacles to a Crafting competition Q&A

What about limited labor hours at shops/stalls?The event will be completed in heats due to limitations on the maximum labor output at shops. Multiple shops and stalls will be utilized to run this event. Participants will sign up for the heat that they wish to participate in – first come basis. Each pirate will be assigned shops at which they must complete the labor. Each distillery and apothecary will only be used once an hour.

What is to stop another pirate from doing the labor on the puzzle? Only one pirate can work at a shop at a time. Random pirates not in the race will be immediately planked from the shop to prevent them working the puzzles and applying labor to the orders.

What will keep other orders from being placed or there being a queue? In order prevent random orders and random puzzlers hindering the racers, a manager/owner who will function as a race facilitator and judge will be at each of the shops used. Orders will be disabled in the shops until just prior to the participants start and then only the item to be order will be enabled by the judge. In addition, prices for grog and whisks will be set high.

What is to prevent labor from employees at the shop from being used? Shops, when possible, will have no employees except for the judge who will briefly take a job when the order is enabled. (This is already confirmed with the distilling stalls that will be used and shouldn’t be an issue with the shipyard. I still need to determined if this will be an issue with the apothecary stalls)

What about the expense to the participants? PoE will be required to place the orders, but I will attempt to match the labor paid to the expense.

Won’t it be unfair that pirates are traveling to different islands for the event? Although different shops will be used, participants will all travel to the same number of islands to complete the event. It will needed to be checked prior to the start of the heat that the participant has all the needed islands on their know world.

What if someone doesn’t have enough labor hours? For this event each pirate only needs to complete 8 hours of labor. When actually completing the crafting puzzle you are allowed to take advances on yer labor hours. Each pirate will need to be individually responsible to assure that they have those hours available for the race.


To compete in this event, pirates will be jobbed into an event crew. Over the jobbing channel the first judge will signal the start along with the pirate’s name. When the pirate finishes the last puzzle successfully they will announce this over the jobbing channel. Chat logs will then be used to calculate the total time for each participant. In addition, judges will verify that grog and a whisk potion was ordered and delivered by the pirate. The labor report the next day will be used to verify that the pirate completed expert shipbuilding labor. A judge will be present at each shop during the course of the event.


First Place: Fancy Ribbon trinket if approved and Stall Owner Start-up kit. Poe to cover the expense of opening a distilling stall, filled bid tickets for the commodities needed to make 50 units of fine Rum, and a Sloop to move the items.

Second Place: Ribbon if approved and a higher end furniture package related to the apothecary puzzle.

Third Place: Bone if approved and lower end furniture package related to the distillery puzzle.

Everyone gets a whisking potion for participating.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

As this is currently set up, it will only be one racer at a time. This would require 3 judges and the event host to run. If the event is able to be expanded, more volunteers would be needed.

OM Assistance

  • Prize assistance
  • Creation of stalls - if this isn’t possible I already have the stalls lined up to complete this event without OM intervention. I am primarily worried about firing all of the current staff and being able to get them rehired after the event.

Workshop Coaching

  • Thinking of all the possible problems that may occur with the event. I am in the process of doing some pre-testing to avoid glitches and make sure the labor throughput is available and I have a reliable time-frame.
  • Assuring that the event is fair to all. I have limited prior experience with running events and I want to make sure I have a plan in place to make it fair for all participants of the event.
  • Prizes. I need some help with picking the appropriate prizes, but I have the resources if needed to personally supply prizes.
  • Design tweaking. I don’t like the idea that everyone is racing just against the clock. I would like to have the environment created when multiple people are working at the same time if at all possible.
  • I’m still working on trials of the event. I need to see if there is enough time difference between pirates. I may add a sailing component if needed to spread the field of participants out a bit.
  • Any additional feedback and pointers on running an event I can get.


Previous Similar Events

The ultimate artisan contest was run by Rubyspoon on the forums. For that event pirates standing on the Midnight Ocean’s Ultimate list was used to determine the best all around pirate at the Crafting puzzles. I believe events with the crafting puzzles have often been discussed in the forums but to my knowledge haven’t been carried out. I don't know if anyone had this idea specifically, I didn't find it in my search.


I have helped to run and organize several events hosted by White Rose. I have never done anything on this scale in the past. I have good organizational and problem solving skills that I think this will help me in doing this event.