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King of the Hill!
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Become the Ultimate Battle navver of the Viridian Ocean. Bring your sloop, along with one mate and be King of the blockade board.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Officers or Above In Viridian Elapsed time up to 5 hours
Unit of Entry Pairs Participant Time 1 to 5 hours, depends
Expected Participation Up to a max of 20-25, pre registered Judging Time instant judging
Platform Blockade Board


Event Description

A practise non-sinking blockade in which the participants objective is to capture the central flag of the board (which will be indicated and messaged to all contestants from the judges [view below]) 5 consecutive times, sloops only. Participants will register 1 hour prior to the event beggining although it would be convenient to be pre registered on suitable forum, stating name of B navver, Mate and sloop name. Each sloop must be manned by two players and two bots, so no greenies allowed. The purpose of this game is to capture the central flag 5 consecutive times by the same team. Thus, if the flag falls in possesion of another pair, the count is reseted. Each team may leave they flag square,and as long as no other team lands on it,can continue counting as soon as it claims it again. The team which will become king of the hill, wins the game. Tactics during the event may vary, from offensive, meaning gunning and sinking other sloops, to full sails. Once the winner is declared, the board is free for all to have fun in a practise blockade.

1. Once your sloop is sunk, you may not re ener the board as a competitor

2.If there is a round in which the team that holds the flag for the final fifth consecutive turn is also sunk, then that team is eliminated and is not declared winner.

3. Any violations of rules will result to disqualification

To make things more challenging, in the beggining of the second round, two full manned sloops will enter and cause mayhem, Beware!

Also in an event that no one has claimed the flag 5 times by the end of round 3, the highest consecutive run wins.

the island to be blockaded will be announced


A cutter with judges will monitor the whole procedure, deciding the valid captures, and final winner instantly. Warning: Gunning against the judges will mean disqualification.


Two brand new sloops, and custom renames for those, one for each member of the team. Donations are welcome to increase the prize funding.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

8 people to help judging and manning the Cutter

OM Assistance

Practise Blockade Board Setup

Sloop Renames

Workshop Coaching

Problems would be potential spoilers, entering with full manned sloops or other vessels to ruin the game. Also occasion which no central flag will exist and the race to it will be unfair for some.


Previous Similar Events

Similar platform to the Avernus Sloop Sinking Competition, but different objective


I have never scheduled a large event such as this, but i have navved during blockades, and i know its fun and everyone is eager to do it.