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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Flat Screening
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Show us your crib (or flat)! Let's see if you are the landlubber who lives with the most style!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone with a house Elapsed time 5 days or until each team has been able to participate.
Unit of Entry Teams Participant Time 15 minutes
Expected Participation 100 Judging Time 15 minutes per house
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description


1. A Crew shall be asked to pick a house to decorate (No Shacks).

2. Each Crew will start with the house totally empty.

3. Each Crew will be given 15 minutes to complete furnishing the house.

4. 3 OMs shall be asked to visit each home to judge which crew lives with the most style.


1. Type of furniture used

2. Color combinations of paint

3. Ergonomical value

4. Overall feel or aura of the house


1st Place - Scarab - 10,000 Poe

2nd Place - Silver Cross - 5,000 Poe

3rd Place - Bronze Fish

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

We need the OMs to judge

OM Assistance

Just to provide some of the prizes (special furniture).

Workshop Coaching

We need help on the timeframe.


Previous Similar Events

There is a contest by Hypnos in the Y!PP forums named: "Dream Pirate Room Contest". Ours is different in a sense that the teams will only have buyable furniture in stalls to use.


Our crew has great teamwork and is very reiable.