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The Double-Triple Team Tournament
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Two tournaments for teams of either 2 or 3 pirates, done in the brawl format.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone can attend to play or watch. Elapsed time I think each tournament will be under 1.5 hours long.
Unit of Entry Register a team leader along with 1 or 2 team mates. Participant Time Participants only need to be there until they get knocked out. If they are knocked out they are allowed to stay, watch, wait for the consolation tournament.
Expected Participation A limit of 50 pirates can enter the double tournament (25 teams). A limit of 75 pirates can enter the triple tournament (25 teams). Judging Time The winners will be decided after the last battle has been fought.
Platform This will take place on Prolix Purlieu of Viridian ocean.


Event Description

People will choose a team of either 2 or 3 pirates depending on what tournament they want to enter and one team leader. They will have to register with me before the event (You can have a team name if you wish, or just be named by the leader). Please don't enter both tournaments, stick to one or the other. The double's tournament will take place first. The triple's will take place the next day. I will select two of the teams (I will have them seeded according to rank). The teams selected will make a brawl for the right number of pirates and fight. If the team leader survives the fight, that team wins and moves on. If the team leader gets knocked out but their team still wins, they have to fight again. If the leader gets knocked out again but the team wins again, they move on. (This is a maximum of 3 fights.) There will be a consolation tournament after, for all the players who didn't win. This will be a stick only tournament.


Winners will be the ones who survive through all the fights.


The prizes are, for the leader in the doubles tournament, a sloop named Swordfighting Swordfish. And their team mate will receive 10k and a trinket. The winning leader in the triple tournament will win a sloop named Brawling Swordfish, his team mates will receive 10k and a trinket. The consolation tournament will have 10k poe and a falchion for the winner.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Any donations would be welcome. (If I get some, they will go into the pot for the consolation tournament.

OM Assistance

Help in renaming the sloops, and help getting 3 trinkets.

Workshop Coaching

We can't stop alts from entering both... and the description of the leader may be a bit confusing.


Previous Similar Events

There have been other sword fighting events in the past, but none with a team leader determing so much of the game.


I am a very good sword fighter, lord of a flag, and senior officer of a crew. I have not run an event before, but I like meeting people, and I like helping and giving away things! Anyone who knows me can say good things about me.