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Parrot Pirate Racing!
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You have to race from Corona Island to Fintan Island using a cutter.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience A small crew of 12 to make the ship go as fast as possible without getting damage or bilge. Elapsed time 24 - 48 hours
Unit of Entry 12 people in a crew per team of which one is at least officer in rank with a alot of substitutes Participant Time Depending on the amount of sustitutes there are about 3 - 24 hours
Expected Participation 12 teams maximum with a crew fame rating of eminent or above Judging Time Instantaeous, the first crew to port and get off their ship will be the winners
Platform Viridian Ocean between Corona Reef and Fintan Island


Event Description

In this race 12 people in a cutter will race against 12 other teams all who have at least eminent fame. The crews will have to decide the fastest route themselves and make sure that they dont get attacked. To make it harder the brigands should be turned to Sea Lords or aboveand they attack more often. This will make it harder to get there and will need diligent carpentry, bilging, sailing, navigating, battle navigating and sword fighting. They will get a set amount of poe to spend on restocking. .


To check that they dont cheat, the winning vessel shall be inpected by an OM to see the vessel records so that there is proof that they only spent the set amount. If cheating the ship that came second would be inspected and then would win, if they cheated, it would countinue along the line. If they all cheated the ones who spent the least on restocking would win. The ship that wins should be ported at Fintan Island and the whole crew of 12 should be assembled there


1st place a familiar (parrot) for all contestants in the ship, 2nd place trinkets for all contestants in ship, 3rd place renames for all contestants

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

None really needed

OM Assistance

Turn brigands on all routes in the direction of Fintan island to Sea Lord or Imperial and only cutters or sloops.

Workshop Coaching

It would not be fair if player ships attacked the contestants ships. How could we stop this? Also how could we make sure they dont win anything when attacked by brigands?


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I haven't been able to find them, let alone compare them.


I have no qualifications, but i do believe with help from my crew we should be able to this.