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Custard's Last Stand Hill
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a simple boat race around the map

Player Profile Timeline
Audience the participants in the race Elapsed time 1-2 days
Unit of Entry teams of two, teams must be part of the same crew Participant Time 1-3hours per round, with a 1 hour break at every checkpoint
Expected Participation {{{Expected Participation}}} Judging Time 1-5 minutes
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description

Sloops will be the only ship used. Only two people will be allowed on each ship. The teams will start on Lima and sail around the map with checkpoints at Harmattan, Prolix, Olive, Dragon's Nest, Tigerleaf, and lastly, Last Stand Hill. The teams will have to sail to each of those checkpoints in order. At each checkpoint, the team will have to search the island for a monitor on each island so that we know that they went to each island. A team cannot win unless they sail to each checkpoint. To make sure that the teams go to each checkpoint in order, they will have to seek out the monitors on each of the checkpoint islands. Each monitor will make a list of who arrived on the island then send the list to the monitor on Last Stand Hill.


the team who visited each checkpoint and arrives on Last Stand Hill first wins.


First prize wins a familiar each, second and third teams win a shipwrightery stall each, the fourth wins a sloop, and the rest of the teams win trinkets. Prizes may be liable to change.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I will need atleast 6 monitors. One or more for each checkpoint island.

OM Assistance

Broadcasts, help with prizes such as familiars, stalls, sloops, and trinkets

Workshop Coaching

Some pirates might swap with the contestants. Can we prevent this?


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I have never started an event but im having help from a crew member.