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Players try to assassinate one another by challenging "victims" to a puzzle game. Prizes awarded for most kills and for being the last pirate standing.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone Elapsed time Variable, likely at least two weeks, but more if there are many players. Can be limited by running a final showdown to eliminate remaining players at the end of any pre-specified elapsed time
Unit of Entry Individual entrants Participant Time Several minutes per round, between several minutes and hours searching or waiting for target, at least one hour/week
Expected Participation Limit to first 128 entries. Potentially could include unlimited, but the game lasts longer if there are more players Judging Time Immediate
Platform Any ocean, and potentially forum as well (for reporting kills and assigning targets)


Event Description

Each player is given a trinket with a target's name on it. They must go find and "kill" the target by challenging the target to a puzzle (swordfighting, drinking, treasure drop, any options are valid) and winning. Both target and assassin must wager their trinket in the challenge. Players cannot refuse a challenge from someone who holds a trinket with their name on it. Whoever wins (i.e. holds both trinkets) is credited with one kill, and the loser is eliminated from the competition.

If the assassin wins, that player now must find the person named on the victim's trinket. If the victim wins, the player targetting the assassin now targets the victim (i.e. the name on their trinket changes). The game lasts until only one assassin is left standing.

To prevent problems, challenges may not be issued while a target is on a ship at sea or in a tournament, or is a non-subscriber on a day when the assassin's chosen puzzle is not playable. Players must also be active in the game and not hiding. To be considered "active" a player must log on for at least one hour each week, with no period of inactivity lasting more than 7 consecutive days. Inactive players (those who are hiding) will be eliminated, giving their assassin a free kill.

At the end of the event, there may be more than one pirate left alive. On the last day of the event, there will be a final showdown of whoever is left. All remaining assassins are brought into one room and told to kill each other until only one is left. Choice of puzzle is up to whoever successfully issues a challenge first.


The pirate with the most kills (has collected the most trinkets through winning challenges) wins the grand prize. A separate prize is given to the pirate that survives to the end.


  • Most kills - Familiar, trinket, special sword, or flag title, plus 3 shares of prize pool
  • 2nd most kills - 2 shares of prize pool
  • 3rd most kills - 1 share of prize pool
  • Last pirate standing - 1 share of prize pool
  • It is possible to win both "last pirate standing" and one of the "most kills" prizes.

    The prize pool is poe donated by individuals, the event coordinator, or the OMs. At least 10,000 poe is preferred.

    Help Required

    Volunteer Assistance

    One person must be able to change the target of an assassin whose victim has been killed in a failed assassination attempt. Otherwise, the game runs itself.

    OM Assistance

    None required, though having an OM handle the targetting will make the game run smoother.

    Workshop Coaching

    Need to work out a better way for players to report "kills" to a game manager, so targetting works out properly. Also, players should be seeded by average ranking in the three valid puzzles (sword-fighting, drinking, treasure drop) so they start out facing similarly abled players.


    Previous Similar Events

    None that I know of.


    I am currently trying out this event within the Waterdragons crew on Midnight Ocean, and have written up detailed rules for the event already.