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Piratical Playwrightery
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Casts of pirates present a skit they create or adapt from an existing work. Skits must be appropriate to the game setting and will be judged on creativity, presentation, and effectiveness.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Writers, actors, and creative sorts. Elapsed time 12 days.
Unit of Entry Teams of up to 5 pirates. Participant Time Each skit should take no more than thirty minutes to present. The amount of time spent preparing for it is at the discretion of the teams.
Expected Participation Places will be first come, first serve and participants may reserve time slots for their presentations ahead of time. Because of time demands, there will be a hard limit of 20 entries. Judging Time 1 day.
Platform In game, Sage primarily.


Event Description

Teams of up to five pirates will design and present skits to the terminally bored Tilinka and an audience. Each team will have up to thirty minutes in which to present their skit. Teams will have to adapt or create their play, work out details of costume and set, and assign and practice roles. Alts may be used as extras, but will not be considered part of the team.

Script: All teams entering must submit via e-mail a script for review by the judges sometime between March 3rd and March 8th. The script submission must include a cast list and the name of the pirate who wrote/adapted the skit. If you are adapting from an existing play, you should include the title of that play and the name of the author for reference.

Set: Pirates are free to come up with whatever sets they wish for their play. However, you must remember that you will have an audience which must be able to see and hear what is going on. Locations should be easily accessible from each other to allow for audience movement. Teams are responsible for arranging for their own sets. Keep this in mind when you are designing yer play.

Costume: Casts are responsible for their own costumes.

Performances: Skits will be presented from March 10th through March 13th. Teams are welcome to invite up to ten audience members to watch. There is a hard time limit of thirty minutes. Any skit exceeding that time limit will be disqualified. The performance must adhere to the script submitted to the judges. Drastic differences between the script and the presentation will result in disqualification.


Judging will be done using a 4 point scale on a number of factors. Each entry will be judged on the script (grammar and spelling is a factor) (25%), preparation (costume and set) (25%), and performance (50%). Obviously, the performance will carry the greatest. There will be three judges looking at each play. Scores will be tallied on an ongoing basis.


The winning team will receive cast portrait/portraits (each participant will get a print), 25k total, and I would like to see individual team members to receive rose bouquet trinkets as well. Members of the runner up team will ideally receive single rose trinkets and 10k total. Additionally, members of the team with the most effective set design will each recieve Tools (furniture item), members of the team with the most effective costume design will each receive Spools (furniture item), and the author of the best script will receive a Fancy Book Desk and Candles so he or she can scribble long into the night. Additional prizes may be added depending on current fundraising efforts.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Two additional judges, who have already volunteered.

OM Assistance

Trinkets as prizes.

Workshop Coaching

Well, I really could use a primer on the ins and outs of larger scale prize-event running in this game. Recommendations from old hands as to good fund-raising methods would also be... shiny. Other than that, my biggest concerns are how to deal with any problems that arise from having an audience during the performances, and how to allow for the fact that teams presenting later in the week will have more time to prepare than those presenting from the start. I am also slightly concerned that the time frame given is too short for entrants to accomplish what they will need to, and have considered placing more limitations on entries - designated sets, adaptation from a specific play, or something of that ilk to better focus things, but I like giving more open-ended tasks. I would love to run this on all oceans, but as Sage is my primary place of play, I would not be able to provide prizes elsewhere. Yet.


Previous Similar Events

None that I am aware of.


I'm fair new to running events here - just the one carnival and some crew and flag competitions - but I've experience at judging creative works through my job.