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Avast! Animation
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Participants will create a brief stop-motion animation based on Puzzle Pirates

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Open to all creative geniuses and wannabes Elapsed time Three weeks total. One week prior to entries announcing and two weeks to post entries.
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time 3-5 hours per day
Expected Participation 50+ Judging Time 24-48 hours
Platform Forum


Event Description

Participants will use stop-motion animation software to create their own stop action animation for YPP! This could be anything from pillaging to weddings to docktarting! Its their choice!They may use any medium they choose including, clay, drawings, photos, etc. The best animation will be 1-3 minutes in total.

Example of stop motion animation http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=23658
Free or inexpensive media they can download to use for this event.
Stop Motion freeware for windows http://www.giantscreamingrobotmonkeys.com/monkeyjam/download.html
shareware for mac http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/imaging_3d/icananimate.html
Free Web Hosting http://www.100megsfree.com/


Winning entries will be entries that tell a story, are smooth in transitions and have a creative uniqueness to them.


Optimal would be a familiar prize for first place, but I can provide 125k worth of prizes each on Midnight and Cobalt oceans myself.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance


OM Assistance

If they are willing, trinkets and familiar for prizes, otherwise not needed

Workshop Coaching

Any advice is certainly welcome. Advice on getting prizes for other oceans greatly appreciated.


Previous Similar Events

None that I am aware of.


I have run numerous flag and ocean wide events and am now in the process of running a forum familiar event.