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Capture the Greenie
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A capture the flag variation that will make you wish the contest lasted longer.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Sloops ONLY and their owners, pirates Elapsed time One month
Unit of Entry Two random teams Participant Time Five hours or first five points scored, rematch in case of tie
Expected Participation Two teams, max. 25 sloops per team, no limit for jobbers Judging Time 24 hours, time to interview assistant judges
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description

To join this event, you must post your name and your sloop on the appropriate forum. The object of the game is to capture the other crew's flag five times, in this case the flag is in the form of a greenie. Two crews will be created, Redteam and Blueteam. Redteam will bring all its ships to Terra, Blueteam will bring all its teams to Prolix. Two greenies will be created, Blueflag and Redflag. Blueflag will go to the docks of Prolix, Redflag to Terra. One assistant judge will be placed on each team. To get the other crew's flag a sloop must go to the enemy crew's home port (Prolix or Terra) and dock there. Once done with that, the OIC (officer in charge) will disembark and go up to the flag. Then he will job the flag in the flag's sight. This prevents /job enemyflag. He will then tell the flag the name of his sloop and the flag and OIC will proceed to the ship in question. If the ship named is NOT in the correct port, or in a port at all, disqualifications will be made. Then the OIC must transport the flag back to his/her home port. The only way to stop this from happening is to engage in sea battle. Once over, the winner will declare over crew chat, "Myship - Losership." Then the assistant judge for that team will send a /tell to the other assistant judge. Then that judge will go to the losing ship and verify the loss by looking at the crew records. The winning ship will continue, while the losing ship will continue to the next league point. Once there, it will stay until a friendly ship comes to that leauge point. Then both of the ships will set a course for their home port and continue to there. Then they are able to leave to go get the flag. In case of the flag being on the losing ship, it will go back to its home port. THERE ARE NO RESTOCKING OR STRATEGY REGARDING RULES. ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS ITS LEGAL.


Team with most points by five hours or first team to five points


Sloop Pack Leader painted white/team color to go to the OIC who brought the flag in and 60k split evenly among winning team

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Four volunteers: two assistant judges, two flags

OM Assistance

Making sure briggands don't attack blue and red teams, possible donation of prizes, making sure other pirates can't attack blue and red teams, creation of Blueteam and Redteam

Workshop Coaching

Possible cheating techniques: faking winning battles, paying off judges, faking getting tagged by a fellow teammate to be allowed to return to its home port, any other possible ways to cheat


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