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Murder in the dark
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Player initiated 'blind' swordfights (opponent chosen in a room with the lights turned off) + "Mafia" style lynching during the day (see below)

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone who enjoys both SF and social aspects of the game Elapsed time Depends on participation, probably 2-4 and no more than 6 hours
Unit of Entry One pirate Participant Time Winning participant will be involved the entire time
Expected Participation Minimum 20 pirates, Maximum 30 per judge (Minimum maximum 150) Judging Time ~30 min to determine all awards
Platform Viridian Ocean in one or more shacks (if there is interest in other oceans i am happy to train people from other oceans to run it, but do not have accounts or money on other oceans to arrange prizes - note that people could easily play using greenie accounts if they didnt mind their prizes being stuck on Viridian)


Event Description

Players will be invited to a shack (owned by the judge) containing one (1) table and one (1) candlestick. No more than 30 players will be invited to any given shack. Players will be asked to move away from the door arrow (judge will stand there). Judge will explain the rules before the competition starts. All players will bring a foil which they will use for all competition SFs (as the judge will watch all SFs, violators can and will be expelled from the competition). (Note: foils are easy to get, create a new pirate if necessary)

Competition proceeds as follows: Judge will randomly choose one pirate to be the next would-be murderer. Judge will inform said pirate in a tell. Judge will then turn the lights off and announce that pirates are free to move about the room (pirates leaving the shack accidentally should immediately return to the shack). Murderer will not move. Judge will confirm all pirates are still in the shack with /who. Judge will then /tell the murderer to initiate a SF with someone in the shack. As the murderer has not moved, judge will (1) know where he is, and (2) therefore be able to watch the SF. Loser is dead and planked from the shack. Lights are then turned back on, and judge will prompt randomly selected pirates for accusations as to who the murderer was. (Self-defense, eg, no murder, is a valid stance). Each accusation will happen sequentially, and the accuser and the accused will be allowed to speak to the other competitors. These will be voted on by the participants (Votes will occur by moving to one side of the shack or the other), the first pirate successfully 'accused' of murder will be executed (planked from shack). No double jeopardy, once accused and acquitted in any given 'day' phase, no one else may accuse that pirate. After one pirate has been lynched, or the competitors vote for Self Defense, this process will be repeated.

Competition proceeds until there are n pirates remaining, at which point: (1) If this is the only shack, n=1, (2) If there are multiple shacks, the last n pirates from each shack will be invited to a new shack for a final round. n will be chosen such that there are no more than 30 pirates in the final round. (maximum n of 5 with 6 or fewer shacks). Final round will play to 1 pirate remaining. Last 2 pirates will SF to determine the winner.

Note on randomizing: I will create a list of pirates in each shack. Judges of respective shacks will have a duplicate list for their shack. Pirates will be ordered alphabetically and have a position number (1-n). I will generate random numbers using Matlab. As pirates are eliminated, pirates after them on the list will move up in number, so when a pirate (of 30) is eliminated there will be 29 pirates from 1-29. Judges will /tell me to ask for a random number as needed.


Each shack's judge will keep a record of whom the attackers are each round, who the defenders are, who won, and who is accused during each 'daytime' phase. Judge's will also pay attention and choose a 'most eloquent accuser' and 'most elegant defendant' based upon their personal judgement.


Prizes will be awarded for the following: (1) Last pirate standing (1 award) and runner-up (1 award), (2) Most successful murderer/defender (1 award), (3) Most harried defender (1 award), (4) Most frequently accused (1 award), (5) Unluckiest (n awards, 1 per prelim round), (6) Most eloquent accuser (n awards, 1 per prelim), (7) Most eloquent defendant (n awards, 1 per prelim).

Definitions and prizes:

Last Pirate Standing - whomever is the last one left (Choice of Fancy Bed (you can sleep safely now, theyre all dead) or Sloop (Sail away from this madness!));

Runner up - 2nd to last (other of Fancy Bed or Sloop);

Most successful murderer - whomever wins the most SFs (Skull Dagger);

Most Harried Defender - whomever is attacked the most (Candles - to make it harder for assassins to sneak up on them);

Most Frequently Accused - whomever is accused by the most people (preferably a trinket, optimally a noose or rope trinket 'Enough rope to hang yourself with'; Alternately, a bloody glove trinket would also be wonderful);

Unluckiest - first pirate lynched in each prelim shack (1000poe consolation);

Most eloquent accuser - judge's preference (Scales - to remind them justice must be balanced);

Most eloquent defender - judge's preference (Paper and Quill - To aid their writing in defense of other noble or not so noble causes)

Total cash value: ~75k + 8.7k/30 people

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

One judge will be required per shack. Prelim rounds will run simultaneously. Each shack will require a table and a candlestick owned or loaned to the judge.

OM Assistance

trinkets may be needed for prizes

Workshop Coaching

Keeping contestants from speaking unless recognized will be extremely useful to making sure the event runs smoothly. Repeat offenders can be planked, but it would be preferable not to plank large numbers of pirates.

A second potential difficulty could be watching the SFs if the SFer unintentionally moves (challenging a pirate tends to move you if there is room near the other pirate to form a circle). Communication between the judge and the challengers can mitigate this.


Previous Similar Events

None that i know of, i could be wrong.


I've adjudicated "Mafia", a real life game with similar social aspects (though obviously no SFing). I am also SO in a large crew (Rolling Thunder) and Princess in Imperial Coalition, so potentially have a lot of judging support and monetary support available to me. My personal wealth is currently sufficient to support all non-trinket prizes as necessary.

Note, my pirate goes by the name Momarette.