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Sovereignty's Sdrawkcab(Backwards) Trivia!
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A trivia event that will test wits and skill!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone Elapsed time Too many factors to give an exact time, depends on how fast bilge fills, how pirates do puzzles
Unit of Entry Individual Players Participant Time 1-4 hours.
Expected Participation 75 Pirates as thats the max capacity of a War Frig Judging Time Upon end only 30 minutes - 1 hour.
Platform Viridian Ocean - Lima Island - Lonelywood Lagoon - Kirin Island - Lonelywood Lagoon - Lima Island


Event Description

A trivia competition in which players will be told a location to get too. Upon reaching that location they will be given the name of the Jobbing contacts name backwards. They will be told to send said pirate a /tell asking to be jobbed only once. Upon having 50-60 pirates the ship will set sail and pirates will still be able to job. If the ship is full they will be put on a waiting list and allowed to join the ship when a pirate leaves. I will be asking random questions relating to many things including, Pirates names, Puzzles, Basic Info about the game. The basic trivia will take place from Lima Island to Kirin Island, upon reaching Kirin a course back to Lima shall be charted, all pirates on board will be required to take a station of their choosing (Availability may vary) and work. Their ranks at each league point will earn points. So pirates will be required to answer trivia questions while attempting to get Incredibles and excellents.


Winners are choosen based solely on points. Points are given based on correct answers to Trivia questions, and later on based on duty puzzles. I.E. Sovereignty manages to get an Incredible on the Sailing puzzle and also answers three questions. This earns him 3 points for his answers. And a bonus two for the incredible.


Most points = 5,000 PoE. Second most points = 2,500 PoE. Most Trivia Answers = 3,000 PoE & (if possible) Familiar named: Aivirt. Most Incredibles = 3,000 PoE Most Excellents = 1,000 PoE Each correct trivia answers = 100 PoE (Ties result in winnings split. In case of tie for familiar a death match round will take place. Donations will be accepted and added to prize pool.)

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Crew mates, 1 = Scorekeeper, 2 = Jobbing contact, 3 = Hidden spot (To give out the name of the jobbing contact.) Most positions already have willing helpers.

OM Assistance

Not needed, unless willing to donate a special prize to a winner.

Workshop Coaching

No real flaws, Due to point system it can't be manipulated, Max of two answers correct in a row keeps one pirate from winning all questions. /plank command will be enforced to aid in any other problems.


Previous Similar Events

The Bake-Off's on midnight I'm guessing were sort of like mine, but I doubt work like mine does. My "Sovereignty's Trivia" which is held in the Dragon's Nest Inn is much similar, but of course it is something I do so I feel this has enough change to be seperate regardless.


I have done my trivia several times as a beta test on Dragon's Nest, and it has been succesful. Crew mates, hearties, and my own skills are enough to keep this event running perfectly.