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Taco's Food Fight
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Participants will create piratey sculptures using food

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Forums/All Oceans Elapsed time Event post on 24th, contestants can submit their entries until the 17th of March, allowing for a 2 day judging period.
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time Varied due to nature of event
Expected Participation unknown Judging Time 48 hours
Platform Forum


Event Description

"Taco!" me Mum used to say, "Eat your food! Dont play with it!" Pirates world wide have probably heard the same from their own Mums. "Why not?" I say! Food is fun! I mean really, who *hasn't* made Devils Tower from their mashed potatoes? Well, I am the Mum now and I say play with your food!

Create a piratey sculpture using food! Build a macaroni boat, create a dock scene using cinnamon sticks and salt-dough people! Limited only to your imagination. Any food item may be used. Some leeway will be allowed on using non food items for support and cohesivness (Please ask BEFORE you use it or your entry will be disqualified for improper usage of a non-food item!) Coloring your project has the same food-only limitations. A non-food item, such as a piece of cardboard, is allowed for use as a base for your sculpture. Once your sculpture is complete, photograph it, submit your pictures along with a list of ingredients, and a brief description of techniques used. (Please refer to the submission guidelines below.)

  • Creations do need to be game related. Building the Titanic out of marshmallows would be nice, but alas, not game related.
  • Although not required I highly recommend you take a couple pictures of your project in its creation phase in case your entry is challenged on adherance to the rules.
  • While most people don't generally eat them, items such as banana peels, pineapple tops, orange rinds etc will be allowed. *When in doubt, ask before you use something*
  • Mold - I have two stances on mold. *IF* mold, or otherwise rotting food is the intended effect you are looking for to in some way enhance your sculpture, it will be allowed. If mold growth appears to be something like.."Oops, I left it out too long and its growing hair" I am liable to suggest you go back to the building block and start over.
  • PICTURES - You must submit at least 2 pictures (more is optional) of your sculpture to capture different angles and perhaps special details. If you do not have digital photo capabilites, run to your local discount store or corner gas station, purchase a one time use disposable camera. Take your pictures then get them developed at a one-hour photo processing center -they will usually put your pictures on a CD at low cost. If you are unsure how to post your pictures, send me a PM, I can link you to a photo webhost.
  • Non-food items. As suggested above, some non-food items will be allowed on a case by case basis for support and/or cohesivness to the project. If you wish to use a non-food item, submit a PM to me explaining what you want to use, why you feel you need to use it, and exactly how it will be used. I will check my PMs at least 3 times a day with the exception of the 6th, 7th, and 8th of March (I will be moving during this time and not have computer access.) My sister will check my PMs during this time frame and call me to answer any of your questions.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All contestants must submit their entries by 9pm PST on the 17th of March. At 9:01 I will post to the forum that no more entries may be submitted. Any submissions after that point will not be judged.
  • Please include a list of all ingredients used, and a brief description of techniques used.
  • Please include a list of the prizes you would like in the order you would like them. If you win, but I cant contact you in a timely manner, you will get the first one available based on your winning position. (LOL dont make me pick your prize for you if I cant get hold of you!) -Your list will not be "concrete", its just what I will go by if I have to.
  • You must include your pirate name and the ocean on which you commonly reside! I will not attempt to guess who you are from your forum name!
  • Mates, lets keep this contest clean! If your sculpture is in any way sexual in nature, you WILL be disqualifed immediately and your entry removed from the post.


Using a point based system - Entrants will be judged on originality 10 points, asthetic appeal 5 points, and creative food usage 10 points .

If you would like to be a judge, send me a PM with the following information: Your pirate name, the ocean you reside on, and why you think you would make a good judge. I will select the judges from the volunteer pool around the 1st of March.

Judges need to be available to look over all entries on the 18th of March and submit to me -via PM- by the morning of the 19th the point value they assign to each entry. I will tally the points and post the winners (as soon as I possibly can) on the 19th.

Not a contestant? Not a judge? Still want in on the fun? Post your vote on the forums for your favorite entry! The contestant that wins the popular vote on the forum will receive (to be determined.)



Winners will get to select the prize of their choice in the order they place.

  • War Brig - Lucky Bass
  • Sword - any sword, any colors - 50k price limit (no, you wont get the "extra" poe if there is any)
  • Cutter - Chilly Dogfish
  • Couples Portrait (with copy)
  • Choice of an appearance changing elixer
  • Sloop - Pork Chop
  • 10k - Donations permitting this will be increased and possibly buy some other nifty prize.
  • Sloop - Plain Spot
  • 42 Dubs
  • 42 Dubs
  • Trinkets! (Which ones yet to be determined.)
  • Other prizes to be determined

If you would like to donate to the prize pool on any ocean, please contact me via PM (Poe or dubs only please!)

My prize donators and their donations (currently viewable in my crew public statement - on Midnight) will be added into my actual contest posting.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I would love to see some of the other event hosts volunteer to assist me on the judging process, if not, I already have several volunteers lined up.

OM Assistance

Trinkets - 5 or so?? Rename on the War Brig - something like Food Fighter. Partial rename on the cutter - currently has Creative adjective which I find most suiting - unsure yet as to a good secondary name. If OMs are willing to transfer prizes to other oceans, I would really like to open this up to all oceans instead of just Midnight.

Workshop Coaching

Assuming this event will be "big" - (Covering all oceans) I might need some help sorting out a smooth, fair judging process. Prize ideas, rule clarification.


Previous Similar Events

Bluetta did one [[1]]where people created some sort of pirate scene - out of anything, photographed it and submitted, but so far as I know thats as close to this as anything has come.


I was the main event coordinator (under the pirate Portinastorm) for the Grand Opening Events day for the island of Nu under the flag of Epic. I created and hosted Taco's Diamond Elimination Sloop Race [2] I also created and am hosting the current event - Taco's Birthday Song Writing contest [3]