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Sinking PvP League
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Sloop vs sloop sinking PvP battles

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone (Navver participants must be subscribed officers in their home crew) Elapsed time Ongoing (hopefully monthly)
Unit of Entry individuals or teams of 6 - first come, first served Participant Time Upto 1 hour
Expected Participation 12 pirates per battle (multiple battles based on interest, or waitlist until next round) Judging Time Instantaneous, once a ship goes glub-glub
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

Two crews perpetually at war (Titanic & Lusitania) will host 6 pirates each in a special themed battle to the glub - a low risk way to practice PvP and sinking nav, work on those puzzle ratings, settle a grudge, and maybe lose an appendange. Each team of 6 (either a preset team or singles put together for the event) will be provided with a sloop stocked with 150 cbs and 40 rum, and one host crew officer. The host crew officer is on board for monitoring the event and porting/deporting only - they will not duty puzzle. After deporting participants will have 100 turns (50 minutes) to sink each other. If after 100 turns neither sloop has sunk (or is near sinking, at the discretion of the host crew officers), the host officers will position the sloops broadside of each other within shooting distance for a sudden death shoot out. The host officer will shoot max cannons available (this will be a real test of yer team's gunning and damage control skills) until a sloop sinks. Grappling at any time during the event will be deemed a loss for the grappling crew. Participants can either job into one of the crews or temporarily join the crew if they want the opportunity to lose a limb. They can also have their flag declare war on the opposing event crew for the duration of the event and will be eligible to lose a limb if sunk. Charge for participation - 2k per puzzler, 3k per bnavver (charges cover costs of sunk ships, supplies and prizes).

Sample battle themes:
March - Tastes Great v Less Filling
April - Easter Bunny v Tooth Fairy
May - Brains v Brawn
June - Captain Crunch v Froot Loops
July - Pirates v Ninjas
August - Mr. Rogers v Captain Kangaroo
September - Showtime v HBO
October - Goblins v Ghouls
November - Democrats v Repulicans
December - Fir v Pine
January - Maple Leafs v Canadiens
February - Cupid v Match.com


Last ship floating wins!


Winning Sloop - GLORY! and a ribbon trinket for puzzlers, fancy ribbon trinket for the navver , other prizes tbd ; sunk sloop consolation prize - potential injury (if pirate has joined crew or is a member of a flag at war with league flag). Results will be posted to forum/YPPedia thread for the event for posterity.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

One officer in each of the warring crews - these will be members of the host flag, Faminto por Sangue

OM Assistance

OM assistance only need if they agree to trinket prizes, or special ship renames (it would be fun to actually have a ship named "Easter Bunny" on the board against a ship named "Tooth Fairy").

Workshop Coaching

Are the stock levels adequate for the event? is the 100 turn limit fair to go to sudden death? is there a way to disable grappling? who wins a simultanenous sinking battle? ideas for effective and reliable recurring fund-raising if event goes long-term; help with potential scheduling issues; accommodating potential game mechanic hick-ups.


Previous Similar Events

Several attempts to have PvP tourneys on various oceans have been cancelled due to lack of participation. Those that have taken place in some capacity - Fandango PvP Ladder and Cobalt PvP Tourney - still had difficulties with scheduling, rules, or loss of interest over the course of the event. Event blockades have been held, but I could find no record of a sinking PvP league.


Organized and run some crew and flag events. Organized flagmates to create warring crews and get them up to flag creation fame level (current status - both crews & flags created, and at war!). Access to producing ships and supplies to operate the league.