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Fruit Market Monopoly Madness
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Teams will PvP each other following OCL rules for fruit. First to gain a monopoly (three of a kid) and make it safely back to Admiral port wins!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience High level pillagers, those wishing to try/practice OCL rules, those wishing to try/practice PvP Elapsed time Less than a day, actual time will depend on many variables. Not expecting the event to go on for more than 2 hours. Event finishes after three teams have completed the objective.
Unit of Entry Teams of 4, can be of any flag or crew Participant Time Varies from team to team. Not expecting the event to go on for more than 2 hours. Event finishes after three teams have completed the objective.
Expected Participation First come, first serve. Not expecting more than 20 teams but we will have lots of fruit ready anyways. Judging Time Immediate. If there is a tie, the teams that tie will PvP each other to determine who places before the other.
Platform Sage ocean, Wensleydale to Admiral route.


Event Description

All the teams will be jobbed into one crew for easier communication. Every team will be given 5 different fruits (eg. each team is given a Passion Fruit, a Lime, a Mango, a Banana, and a Durian). Following OCL Rules for sea battle (found here), the teams will set off from either Wensleydale or Admiral and PvP each other for the fruits. Whoever ports at Admiral first with three of one kind of fruit wins! Porting on either Wensleydale or Admiral is allowed for restock, but teams are not allowed to leave their ship. Event ends after three teams have completed the objective. In the event of a tie, the teams that tie will PvP each other to determine who places before the other. Prizes will only be awarded for the first three teams.


Judging will be provided by crew and flag mates who will take up a greenie alt and stay with a team the entire time. Judges will not do puzzles and will leave the Sword Fight upon grappling. The judge will also send a tell to Scarymuffin at the very moment the port button is clicked on a ship with a monopoly. If Scarymuffin recieves two tells, one immediately after another, then a tie will be declared and the two team will have to deport immediately and PvP each other. Winners will be declared on crew chat.


The three winners will have a choice of the following prizes with those placing first choosing first and leaving the remaining prizes for the second place winners to choose from: A Portrait called "Got Fruit?" of the team holding cleavers with copies for everyone, A sloop renamed the "Fruity Robero", A trinket prize (Probably Fruitcake to fit with theme, but it would be nice to have 'country fair' ribbons instead) for each member of the team.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

As many judges as there are registered teams.

OM Assistance

Help with prizes would be nice. I was hoping to be able to give ribbon trinkets.

Workshop Coaching

An alternative plan that does not require too many judges would be nice. Ideas for better related (ie. fitting with the theme) prizes


Previous Similar Events

I came up with my idea after looking at Ponytailguy's Blackjack event. However, I wanted a PvP event for those that wished to practice PvP as well as for the OCL. I decided to use Monopoly as my theme as it is my favourite board game.


I've helped conceive, plan, and run flag-only events as well as crew-only events including: Team Hide and seek, PvP tournaments, Large swordfight and drinking tournaments, and raffles. I am currently planning, with Silversnap, a long race around the entire Sage ocean done in "Amazing Race" style. In real life I have organized and run events for large corporations such as the BC Lions (CFL team). I wish to take my ideas further and welcome the whole ocean. I have the support of my crew, The Lost Lot and flag, Go With The Flow to make sure that this event would be fun for all.