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Blockade Battle Royale
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Teams of 1 cutter and 2 sloops battle it out in an ultimate showdown of strategy, teamwork, and skills.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All players on the Cobalt Ocean as well as other Oceans Elapsed time A week and a half. All who desire to participate are required to register. A week and a half will be given for registration. Registration deadline is set for 1 day before the event.
Unit of Entry Team Entries Participant Time Estimated 4 – 5 hours or until winner is declared
Expected Participation Estimation of 16 team entries Judging Time Winner will be declared when the rest of the competition is eliminated
Platform Cobalt Ocean


Event Description


Teams consisting of 1 cutter and 2 sloops compete in being the last man standing as they battle head to head on a blockade board. This event will test the participants on their teamwork, strategy, and skill set. It will provide many players the opportunity of battlenav on a blockade board as well as the challenge of admiraling and strategizing how to survive within set constraints.

Event Setting:

1. The blockade board will be divided into 4 identical quadrants where 2 teams are placed in each quadrant.

2. Each team will try to sink their opponents in their quadrant completely to move to the next round.

3. Each round will last 1 hour. Should there be a quadrant that still has two teams standing at the end of that hour, then the team that has the most ships and/or points on the board would move to the next round.

4. Should there be more than 8 teams that choose to participate, this means that all teams must complete in each round before the event will forward to the next round. This means either having this event occur simultaneously on multiple islands or having the teams wait for their turn to compete on a single island.

5. Between each round, the teams will board fresh ships and then head back out for more dueling! This provides a fair playing field as participants are going out with the same numbers.

6. Teams will continue to go head to head (in tournament fashion) until the last 4 teams remain. What happens in the final round would be 4 War Brigs manned by bots will be put onto the blockade board. These War Brigs will be programmed to shoot and sink the teams. The team that can coordinate the best will be the one who will be able to sink their War Brig the fastest. This team will then be declared the winner.


1. Teams will consist of 1 Cutter and 2 sloops.

2. Each ship would be stocked with a set limited mount of cannonballs and rum. This is to add a level of difficulty to the participants to see how well they work with set constraints.

3. Each team would be assigned a color name - as flag names might make it difficult to differentiate if more than one team from a flag participates.

4. Each team has to be set prior to entering the blockade board. Switching out multiple team members during the event will be prohibited as all player names will be recorded at the start of the blockade. Should a team member have to leave, then the team can put in a substitute. The member who leaves therefore forfeits their prize to the substitute teammate should that team get to the finals. The team leader would have to send a /tell to the Event Planner to notify them of the change.

5. Should there be an odd number of teams enrolled, then the Mentors or Event Planner will send in a team to even the numbers and battle for top honors.


The winner will be the team who makes it to the final round and sinks their Bot Brig first. 2nd thru 4th place winners will be judged on how fast they are able to sink their Bot Brig following the winner.


1st Place: As this is a team event, a unique inscribed trinket that states them as the winner of the Blockade Battle Royale event (similar to bake-off trinket inscriptions, yet a unique prize similar to the Halloween event). There could be a contest held to design this trinket if it becomes something that is adopted as annual event of sorts.

Bragging rights

A group portrait to commemorate their victory - one for each team member.

2nd – 4th Place: The other 3 remaining teams would be awarded with an inscribed trinket (ribbon, feather, or handkerchief) displaying their placing in this event. Different color or trinket type would indicate their status of second, third or fourth place.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

This event will require 3 or 4 volunteers to help keep track of the battles going on and to prep fresh ships to be deployed to the teams for the next rounds. Should the event take place on two islands, it may require another set of 3-4 volunteers to help manage and oversee the contest. Volunteers would also be responsible to make sure that no team has more supplies than others as this is to be a contest where balancing supplies given with strategy and skills is needed to defeat the opponent as part of the challenge.

OM Assistance

To create the identical quadrant boundaries on the Blockade board, help broadcast the event for not only participation but for an audience, to create color teamed names as opposed to flag names as the display name on the board, and help preventing stray participants from interfering when the event starts.

Workshop Coaching


1. Interference from onlookers, who will try to take a sloop onto the board to interfere with the battle.

2. Making sure that the teams are put into the correct quadrants that they are assigned to, and not have multiple teams end up in one quadrant.

3. I am wondering if adding point flags into the blockade quadrants to add another twist of challenge would make the event too complicated or difficult. If there were point flags, then whichever team has the most points at the end of that round – if not all ships on one team were sunk, would then be the team to move forward to the next round.

4. One appeal could be that this be made into a sinking blockade battle which would also provide opportunity for those coveted injuries that many pirates seek. However being able to supply that amount of ships or stock might be difficult to produce. Would it be possible to make it sinking but the ships and stock would “magically” reappear as if it was a non-sinking event?

5. If the event takes place on 2 islands due to the number of team entries, would it be possible to whisk the 4 finalists to one location - one single island so that the final battle could be watched by all?

6. Is it possible to have 4 bot brigs to be used and programmed for the final round?


Previous Similar Events

I believe that this might be the first proposal of this kind posted. However many have participated in blockades of the past and Avernus did have the Nevermore event that could be considered similar to what I am proposing. What I like about this event is that it can be carried out in all the oceans and could be an event done or hosted annually or biannually. It is also an event that requires people to work together as a team; providing many the long sought out opportunity to display blockade navving skills to the eyes of the ocean as well as give every participant an equal chance of winning.


Prior blockade planning as well as flag event planning experience. My flag, Indestructible Fury, would be willing to host this event on both Prolix Purlieu and Cochineal.