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War Games
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Two new crews battle it out for the title of greatest pillager in a run of grueling war games.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Crews and ship owners, also idividuals to some extent. Enterance fees are charged for each pirate entering and for each ship entering. Elapsed time At small participation, with only sloops involved, two hours. If many crews want to get involved, two hours per day per round, one round for each type of ship.
Unit of Entry Any crew wishing to participate must provide their own ship, if they are not fully staffed individuals can be brought in. Participant Time 2 hours per round, with a break.
Expected Participation This event can be as big or small as participation allows, from two ships battling it out to two hundred. Volunteer limitations will probably cut it off at about forty ships. Judging Time Judging is done on a number basis, the ship with the most poe wins.
Platform In game, on the Midnight ocean. At a specified route or set of league points.


Event Description

Two crews are formed, captained by volunteers. Each crew will admit ships on an equal basis, so that both stay exactly even in man power. Then, the ships will be seperated into stature and assigned rounds. Each round, the two opposing teams send their ships along a designated route from opposite sides. The aim: to pillage the other crew for all their worth. Each round is two hours long, and in that time these two crews must attempt to take as much poe from the other team as possible. The ship with the most poe at the end of the round wins. An enterance fee of 1-2K per pirate must be deposited into the booty at the start of a round, and each ship sails away with as much poe as they divvy. At the end of all rounds the best crews are pitted against each other in a furious hour long sloop pilly.


At the end of each round the captains will be responsible for taking in scores. The highest number wins, simple as that.


Trinkets for the winning crew, 10K pot bonus to divvy with the final booty and other prizes purchased with the ship enterance fees. I'd love to give prizes to all round winning crews, but the main prize is the loot they pillage from their opposition.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Ideally there would be one dummy pirate onboard each ship, a volunteer who would take no part in sailing or fighting. The biggest cheating risk is people depositing poe into the booty before count. Without the dummies there would have to be myself and one other captainf or the crew.

OM Assistance

Ship whisking couldn't hurt, although most crews should be able to find their way to the games site. Trinkets for prizes. Broadcasting would help. I'd love to be able to give the Co of the winnign ship a familiar, but I'm not sure if it's warranted.

Workshop Coaching

I'm not sure, I'd appreciate any help given with flaws in the plan that I haven't spotted.


Previous Similar Events

I haven't been around all that long, so I don't know if anything like this has been done before. A search fo the forums didn't reveal anything, but if anyone reads this and knows of something that has, could they find me ingame and tell me?


The glory of this event is that 90% of the operation is bookkeeping, which I do for a living irl. Each participating officer is in charge of getting their own ship, getting it stocked and getting it to where they need to be. This is more a large scale pillage for captains than anything, which I feel competent to handle. I haven't run an event before, but this would definitely be a good starter, as the delegation fo authority is worked out based on who enters the competition.