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Twenty pirates accept secret missions from Q. The entrant to complete their mission in the most thorough and creative fashion wins a Monkey ("Mini-Me"), and everyone who completes theirs wins a prize of some sort.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone who reads the forums and plays on Midnight Elapsed time No more than a month, with most of that passive organization and scheduling. The event itself is, again, passive.
Unit of Entry Individual, although assistance may be procured from friends... just be careful you don't get caught, these are SECRET missions after all. Participant Time Depends on the mission, but no mission should take more than an hour or two. You have a week's window to perform yours in.
Expected Participation Limited to twenty, with a front-end very very short essay contest to determine the twenty participants ("the sneakiest thing I've ever done...") Judging Time All of three minutes per entry. Either they've completed it or not, and it's easy to check.
Platform Forums and Midnight


Event Description

Spying isn't just for communists any more. Fancy yourself a slick dealer? A smooth-talking, jumpsuit-wearing, ass-kicking superspy? Time to prove it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be distinct and difficult, and you will compete against the clock, and other agents, to please your superiors. To the winner, a monkey Mini-Me to accompany them to their secret underground lair, where they can truly claim the title of superspy and rain havoc across the seas. To the losers, amusing and overly complicated deaths, with perhaps a trinket or other token of affection. Are you game? This message will self-destruct in... NOW!


The event is organized into tiers. In the first round, all 20 participants get the same mission, and 48 hours to complete it. The four quickest completions and the six most creative completions (in the opinion of the judging panel and spymasters) move onto the second round. The two quickest and three most creative from that group of ten move onto the third round, and the two most creative in the third round move onto the finals. In the finals, the two finalists get different missions that have been workshopped and pounded from all directions in order to be equally difficult and time-consuming. The most creative solution to that final mission wins Mini-me. (And, yes, the tiers are jury-rigged to favour creativity over expediency, although there are berths set aside in the early rounds for quick completions to give people an incentive to complete quickly.)


Familiar (Monkey, ideally... Mini-me and all that) for first place, with other assorted spy-themed prizes for runners-up (to be determined)

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Fundraising, organization (I'd like to set it up so that I have four "spymasters" who keep in touch with five participants each in order to minimize cheating, but this is small enough that I can run it entirely by myself), judging (I think a panel of myself and four other secret personalities should be suitable), donations, and anything else people want to toss my way.

OM Assistance

Trinkets and a monkey would be very much so appreciated. As for missions themselves, none of them would directly involve the OMs on any level (as individuals or as a group), although some participants may wish to include OMs in their solutions. This can be encouraged or discouraged as the OMs wish.

Workshop Coaching

I need to get my missions down to a fine grain, and will definetly need help with general organization.


Previous Similar Events

None, either by me or by others, as far as I can tell.


Helping out with events and organizing them, as well as experience doing similar things on Politics UK.net (where I'm currently an administrator), and even moreso on Online Reality Games, where I've hosted a few Mole games.

More information about Missions (with an example!)

Missions would not be literal things; they would specifically be written to be impossible (or nearly impossible) if taken at face value. The trick to completing them is thinking outside the box. For example, a mission may be "Find the Ring of Power on the Islay of Luthien and return it to Mordor". By itself, quite impossible, but if you were to, say, create an alt called Mordor and give them a ring acquired from the palace on the Islay, entirely do-able.