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Two live Puzzle Pirate game shows!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All Pirates who love game shows Elapsed time Contestant entry will begin as soon as possible, and each game will run approx. 2 hours.
Unit of Entry Je-POE-rdy : Individual entry / Let's Make a Wager! : Audience participation Participant Time Contestants can expect to spend about 2 hrs at the shows, and more time may be spent entering the qualifying rounds of the Je-POE-rdy event.
Expected Participation This event could run smoothly with as few as 10-20 participants, but more are expected and all pirates can enter! Judging Time Judges may be required for 2 hours each.
Platform Cobalt Ocean and contestant entry on forums or wiki


Event Description

Two Puzzle Pirate Game Shows are taping soon on an island near you! I will be your game show host for your opportunity to win fame and fortune by knowing your stuff and pressing your luck.

There will be two games; Je-POE-rdy, based on the classic television game show, and Let's Make a Wager!, based on Monte Hall's Let's Make a Deal! The Je-POE-rdy show will take place at a private location and will be screen captured and edited, then posted on the forum for all pirates to download and watch. Let's Make a Wager! will be a live event, with an open invitation for audience members. Ye may even win something!


Contestants: Three finalist pirates will be chosen to compete on the show. All pirates will be able to enter the qualifying trivia rounds on the forums or wiki to compete.

The Game: This game will follow the same rules as Jeopardy. Contestants will be asked trivia questions from different puzzle pirate related categories. Some adjustments will be made to accommodate the feature of buzzing in, and of course the giant answer board.

Let's Make a Wager!:

Contestants: As in the old Let's Make a Deal show, contestants will be chosen from the audience at random. Of course, people on the old show used to come in crazy costumes to try and get the host's attention, so this will be encouraged.

The Game: Contestants chosen from the audience are invited on stage to make a deal. The host will offer them money or items in exchange for things they have on them, give them options to trade everything they've won for 'What's in the barrel,' and give them opportunities to answer questions for money. There will be a final deal round with at least one very large prize to win, and all audience members will have the opportunity to sell things that the host asks for.


The Je-POE-rdy game will require at least one judge, which I can provide if necessary. Judging for the screening of contestants I will do myself.


The prize money for Je-POE-rdy can be adjusted to match the total prize pool. I can provide enough poe to run the event, but sponsors and donations will increase the amount. Prizes for Let's Make a Wager will consist mostly of items, to be donated by sponsors, brought in by contestants, and provided my myself. Sponsors will be encouraged to donate prizes and poe to the pool, in exchange for advertisement in the program. There will be several tiers of sponsorship and advertisement space available.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Those wishing to help with the production of the Game Shows will be warmly welcomed. Set Decorators, Lighting Technicians, Furniture Movers, Wardrobe, etc. Also, submissions by trivia question writers will be accepted via E-mail and the forums.

OM Assistance

OMs are invited to participate in the events (Celebrity Je-POE-rdy?) Trinkets or items that can be donated to the Let's Make a Wager show would help to make the event more exciting

Workshop Coaching

The rules of the games will need to be finessed to fit the constraints of puzzle pirates. Some of these problems I have worked out, but not yet all of them. A method will need to be devised to distribute preliminary quizzes to Jeopardy hopefuls that prevents cheating and fairly selects three finalists. Some crowd control efforts will need to be planned in the event of a high number of participants in the Let's Make a Wager event.


Previous Similar Events

Trivia events have been run in the past, but this event is unique in its structure. The opportunity to use the puzzle pirates interface to create fun visual and theatrical entertainment has rarely been explored, and provides exciting possibilities.


I have played Puzzle Pirates since Azure, and have always been a participant and supporter of creative events. I won the Shanty Raid-io song contest last summer with my original work, "Through and Through." I have real world experience managing large numbers of people and with the production aspects of this event. Though I have not run any events before, I think my organizational, cooperative, and creative ideas make me a good candidate for expert event running.