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Around Cobalt in 114 leagues
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An ocean full of ships, 114 leagues, 3 archipelagos, 1 winner. Can ye command yer crew to victory?

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anybody that is willing to do a marathon sailing competition Elapsed time Less than 8 hours
Unit of Entry Individual entries, the captain of the ship Participant Time About 4 hours
Expected Participation Between 20 and 50, but no limit needed Judging Time About 8 hours
Platform In Game - Cobalt


Event Description

The race begins at Dragon's nest and you have to sail around Cobalt.

There are three stages. 1) Dragon's Nest to Hadrian. 2) Hadrian to Cochineal. 3) Cochineal to Dragon's Nest.

Judges are located at the start and end of each stage, so Dragon's Nest, Hadrian, Cochineal and Dragon's Nest again. All contestants start at the same time. The contestant can have any type of ship and any amount of crew. Each contestant has to port after each stage (so three times) and register at the judge on the island to mark the time and name of the ship at the end of each stage before moving on to the next stage.

The first one back at Dragon's Nest that has registered with all three judges is the winner. Special prizes for the fastest stage contestants, you have to have finished the entire race.

PVP is turned off, but brigands stay on, so contestants have to show battle evasion moves


Overall winner known right away. Stages winners are announced the next day or after 8 hours after comparing times per stage. I can chart the ship before the race if the contestant does not have all charts for the race. However it is better if the contestant has the charts for the full race because I might not chart the shortest route - evil grin -.


Familiar for the winner. Sloops for the three stage winners. Trinkets for everybody that finished the race within the 8 hours.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I can find volunteers in my crew and hearties for the judges. The volunteers have to record each contestant at the three stage points.

OM Assistance

Turn PVP off for the contestants, but keep brigands on. Announce the event. Provide the prizes, e.g the familiar and trinkets. We could provide the sloops.

Workshop Coaching

Expert advice and suggestions are always welcome.


Previous Similar Events

There have been sloop races, but this is more a marathon


I am part of an excellent crew (Eclipse) with a lot of people willing to help organize this event