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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Sloopermarket Sweep
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A trading event in which competitors must search the ocean for the best priced commodities, getting the best value for their money. Remember...points mean prizes!!!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Traders Elapsed time 3 hours
Unit of Entry Individual Entries Participant Time 3 hours
Expected Participation Roughly 15-30 participants....no limit Judging Time 30 mins approx. depending upon participation.
Platform Cobalt


Event Description

At the beginning of the event, a list of around 20 commodoties will be released, each with a corresponding points value. Each competitor is armed with a sloop, and 15000 poe. It is the competitor's mission to travel from island-to-island buying, pillaging, and foraging commodities from the list. The competitor who can fill their sloop with commods which, when added together, total the most points is the winner. All points values will be based on the highest buy price on Lima, however some values will be 'adjusted' to make the challenge more interesting, for example, wood will have an artificially high price, however you cannot fit a lot on a sloop. Any poe remaining will be subtracted from the competitors score at a value of 1 point per 1 poe. Each competitor can call upon hearties to help them sail, but only commodities bought, won or foraged will count, not transfered. The contest will last 3 hours, all ships are to return to Lima for the end of the event.


Judging will involve organisors being jobbed on to the ships of competitors, and adding up their scores. They will also examine vessel records to ensure rules have been followed.


Familiar for the winner, renamed War Brig (Terrific Trader) for second, Renamed Cutter (Tenacious Trader) for third, Renamed Sloop (Tip-Top Trader) for fourth, 5000 poe for fifth.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Help would be needed at the end with judging, and I have crew mates who would be willing.

OM Assistance

I would ask the OMs to provide the 15k per participant to buy the commods, and then ask them to remove/erase the commods from the ships at the end so that no-one benefits unduly from the event. I would also ask for help with providing the prizes.

Workshop Coaching

I need to examine the finer points of the plan, and search for possible loopholes that couldbe exploited by competitors.


Previous Similar Events

None that I am aware of.


I have previously hosted events within my former flag, and have good support from my crew and flag. I have also participated in numerous events on Cobalt, and Midnight.