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Ultimate Piracy Challenge
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Ever wondered who the best all-around pirate is? This competition will make that decision.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Any pirate Elapsed time 1-2 hours
Unit of Entry individuals Participant Time 1-2.5 hours
Expected Participation 500+ Judging Time 10-30 mins perhaps to add scores and whisk to estate
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description

Events will take place on war frigs. There will be 24 people on board, 6 for each type of station, so people can rotate jobs. Its an all-around skills competition. Pirates will do each ship duty for 3 leauges (beside nav). Ratings on the duty report will earn points for you. booch=0,poor=1,fine=2,etc. Then pirates will port. The top three pirates from each ship will be invited to an estate (Ties for will be settled by head-to-head swordfight matches). A massive swordfight tournament take place at an estate on a local tourney at a tourney board. The winner of the swordfight tourney is the winner of the competition


Judging for duty portion will be done by a score-keeper on each ship. Judging winner of Sf tourney will be determined by the tourney itself. Also an estate will be needed to use with tourney boards.


Familiar for 1st prize, and 50,000 poe for 2nd,3rd,and 4th

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

score-keepers will be needed on each ship, they can record points by taking screenshots of all duty reports, and adding up the scores of those who look like winners. If others think they got in the top 3 but were not counted, score keepers can verify. Players will be disqualified if they have not done each job exactly 3 leagues with no abandonding duty.

OM Assistance

just someone to give the familiar, and ships to be provided.

Workshop Coaching

how can we keep brigands from attacking ship?


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