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Crimson Waves: Mystery Madness on Sage
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There has been a murder at sea, and through riddles and clues the entrant must find out who the perpetrator is.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience General Audience Elapsed time 2-3 hours.
Unit of Entry Individual Entries Participant Time 2-3 hours.
Expected Participation 70 for the maximum. No registration is required, but it's on a first come, first serve basis. Judging Time Around ten minutes to total points.
Platform All Sage-based.


Event Description

To participate, the entrant will send a /tell to be jobbed to a certain boat. After the boat is filled (or 20 minutes of jobbing), the first part of the mystery will be revealed to the people aboard: The victim, the names of the suspects, and the basic facts on the case.

There will be two clue-givers/suspects aboard the jobbing ship that you can talk to to get started (you do not need to challenge these people); the rest will be on the island at which the ship is ported. In exchange for defeating a suspect in a swordfight or solving one of their riddles, the suspect will share a clue with the player...However not all of the suspects will be completely truthful (There will not be more than one that hands out a fake clue).

The suspects will all be on one island, hanging around the places their characters' personality would best fit; they will not move, unless it is part of the plot. In order to recieve the riddle you must be in the same building as them. After ten people have solved the case, the players will be called back to the ship. There is a maximum of 2 guesses per player.


Winners will be determined by how quickly the case is solved as well as how many riddles they solve or swordfights they win.

Points System:

  • For each riddle solved or SF won, 2 points.
  • For the first to come back to the boat and announce the correct suspect, 20 points.
  • For the second, 10 points.
  • For the third, 7 points.
  • For third through tenth, 3 points.

Note: The clue-givers aboard the ship don't count towards your point values.

All entrants will report back to the boat after 10 people have solved the mystery.


  • First place: A war brig named Mysterious Cluefish.
  • Second place: A non-renamed sloop.
  • Third Place: Mystery-themed furniture or trinket.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

  • People willing to act as a character in the mystery (this requires a bit of roleplay) and give out clues.
  • People to critique the mystery that is written for the contest for grammar mistakes, plot holes, and/or other mistakes.
  • Donations to help fund the prizes.

OM Assistance

  • Ship Rename
  • Broadcast for the event.

Workshop Coaching

  • How can we prevent people from sharing their clues?
  • Are the prizes appropriate?


Previous Similar Events

The Mystery Short Story Contest is similar in that it involved a mystery. The Hunt for the Who-Done-It is similar in the fact that they are trying to figure out the ideantity of the perpetrator.


I have helped a bit with flag- and crew- wide events, such as sloop racing or fundraising contests, and there is a crew bankship that my Captain would let me dip into for some small expenses.