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Event Proposal Officially BACK ON SCHEDULE! I'll post stuff on Friday about it.

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Ketchy Cubby Two - King of the Ring
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Solo your sloop against another sloop, a cutter, a war brig, and a war frigate, within a live blockade round. Score a hit on each, in order, while circumnavigating the board to win.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Battle Navigation Junkies Elapsed time 3 hours exactly
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time likely one half hour
Expected Participation Almost assuredly less than fifty people, although as many as perhaps 90 could be handled in 3 blockade rounds. Judging Time as it happens.
Platform Midnight, at the Meke Blockade Practice Island


Event Description

The Setup:

Notorious Fandango and Tyrs Own host the event at the Meke Blockade Practice Island, per their typical operating procedure. [1] (one drops a chest on the other one) All valid participants must have registered with the Event Staff beforehand, and must have a stocked sloop at Meke, although they may rent one from the hosts. All participants will be jobbed into an event crew, so they may speak with each other and with the Event Staff in /jcrew. The starting order will be randomized by the Event Staff.

The Board:

As soon as the event goes hot, the following "obstacle boats" will be crewed and sent into the blockade board:

An obstacle sloop with 7 aboard

An obstacle cutter with 10 or more aboard

An obstacle war brig with 16 or more aboard

An obstacle war frigate with 28 or more aboard

These boats will be manned by the BPI island renters, by event spectators, and by hirelings, at the expense of the Event Staff, and will be navved by Event Staff.

The blockade board will be divided into 4 quadrants, starting at the top corner and rotating clockwise around the board. The sloop will sail into the center of the "12o'clock" quadrant, the cutter into the "3 o'clock" quadrant, the war brig into the "6 o'clock" quadrant, and the war frigate into the "9 o'clock" quadrant. They will not leave these quadrants during the event, although they may roam anywhere within their quarter of the board, at the navigator's discretion. Boats for oceanside quadrants will be supplied by the attacking flag, so they can deploy quicker.

The Game:

As soon as the obstacle boats are in place, which should be within a turn or two of the starting bell, the Event Referee will begin to call out the names of participants, one per turn cycle. The referee will take note of the participant's sloop name as he calls them out. At that time, the participant is allowed to deport his sloop (solo +3 bots) and enter the playing field.

The participant must do the following, in order:

1) Hit the obstacle sloop with at least one cannonball

2) Hit the obstacle cutter with at least one cannonball

3) Hit the obstacle brig with at least one cannonball

4) Hit the obstacle frigate with at least one cannonball

5) Reenter the safe zone islandside

Thus each contestant will have circumnavigated the board and successfully tangoed with each boat, in order, once. The obstacle boats will be both evasive and aggressive, will try to avoid getting hit, and will try to hit, ram, damage, and sink the participants. Participants may attack each other as well. In the extremely unlikely event that an obstacle boat is sunk during the event, a replacement will be crewed as soon as possible.

The Referee will stop calling participant names half way through the blockade round, to give the ones on the board enough time to complete the course.


Event Staffers will monitor the blockade from an observation vessel, will call out the names of the boats that score hits in /jcrew. Any contestant who completes the course must call "safe" out in /jcrew as they enter the safezone. The times when these events happen will be timestamped in the judge's chatlog. The event will also be video captured to provide conclusive evidence of any officiating disagreement (instant replay).

Each participant who completes the course without getting sunk will recieve a "score" equal to the time it took them to do it, by comparing chatlog timestamps.


Fastest time gets OSTREUM ISLAND, provided NF still owns it when the event is run. Second, third, and fourth fastest times pick the music accompaniment to the Music Video of the blockade, produced by the event staff and Rockstar Pirate Productions(tm), and released to the public when the island is awarded, as well as a spot as guest navigator in a future blockade hosted by one or both of the host flags. The island will be transferred to the flag of the entrant's choice, provided that flag agrees, has the appropriate fame, and pays the transfer fee. If Ostreum Island is taken by a hostile flag before the event, then either other prize arrangements will be made or the event will be scrapped.

In the unlikely event that no participants complete the course, judging will be based on how long it took participants to reach the furthest milestone in the course.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

61 Blockade Staff, including 4 navigators, and as many as 4 Referees. 65 Volunteers total. Volunteers will be paid 500 poe per round for their services, setting the labor costs of the event at just shy of 100,000 poe, which will be covered by the event coordinator.

Obstacle boats and stock will be supplied by the Event Staff. The venue will be provided by the Blockade Practice Island coalition for a reasonable price, as has been offered to all who are participating in the Event:Event.

OM Assistance

I'll need them to magic up a familiar as a prize. A broadcast would be nice as well.

Workshop Coaching

I've always felt that multi-boat combat is the pinnacle of the game, and it's a shame that the masters of multi-boat combat are rarely afforded opportunity at the pinnacle prize of the game, a familiar. My primariy goal was to fit this need, and to do it with a contest that would be not only difficult to complete, but exciting to watch. Hosting an event in a blockade board serves this goal nicely.

I am intereted to know whether the differences between King of the Ring and original Ketchy Cubby are clear. I'm also interested to hear feedback on how difficult you guys think the contest is going to be.

(some discussion is going on about this one page over)


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I'm Looseweed. I do this kind of stuff. I'm also a graduate of Mad Professor Greevil Academy, suma cum smokie.