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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Midnight Poker Run
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A solo sloop race where coming in first does not matter, but the luck of the draw does!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Solo sailors Elapsed time About 2 hours
Unit of Entry Individuals Participant Time The full 2 hours as needed to complete the route
Expected Participation Unlimited number of participants Judging Time Instanteous at the end of the race
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

Solo sloops, consisting of the participant and 3 bots jobbed into a single crew for communications, will be required to run a course where along the way, they are expected to make 7 stops, buying a certain commodity at each stop, which in turn triggers an event person who has a deck of cards ready to draw one card, then send that person a tell with what their card is. Cards will be recorded on a list by the event people for verification. At the end of the race, after the 7th card is handed out, participants are to arrange their 7 cards into a 5-card hand following standard poker rules.


Winners determined by highest ranking poker hand. Also, order of finishing is taken for the first 3 finishers.


Best hand = War Brig, possibly "Gambling Spot". Also consolation prizes for the next 6 best hands in the form of gaming table set, trinkets(?), and PoE. First place finisher in the race will also receive a renamed sloop ("Hidden Ace"?), and next 2 finishers will also receive a trinket or gaming table.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Need 7 shop/stall owners to purchase commodities from who can also be the card-givers. Also need people to help with charting, if necessary.

OM Assistance

Trinkets and renaming?

Workshop Coaching

Trying to work around the possibility of duplicate hands, as this will be working from 7 full decks of cards. Maybe to use their finishing order as a tiebreaker in the event of duplicate hands?


Previous Similar Events

Past sloop races have required participants to stop at islands for certain reasons.


My flag, Avalon, has planned many events in the past, and I have worked with some event planners.