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Silver Spades Sharks
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A Spades tourney where players are matched up with changing partners and try to score points for their own over a set amount of matches.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Spades players Elapsed time 3 to 4 hours, on one Sunday
Unit of Entry Individual entries Participant Time 3 to 4 hours, preregistration
Expected Participation no limits (expected turnout 30 to 70 participants) Judging Time immediatley
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

Every participant will play 9 matches to 200 points. For this, every participant will be grouped with three random people for the duration of three matches, during which everyone plays with everyone else in that group. (Players A, B, C and D are grouped. First match will consist of A and B against C and D, second match A and C against B and D and the third match will be A and D against B and C.) Every three matches, players will be randomly grouped again.

Each won match scores each Player of the winning team 3 Victory Points. A draw scores each player on that table 1 Victory Point. A loss scores no Victory Point for the losing players. Additionally, after the end of each match, each player adds his team's points to his Score Points total (even if the losing team ends up with a score less than zero).


Each participant is ranked by his accumulated Victory Points, the ties are broken by descending Score Points. The highest ranking participant is declared the winner of the Event.


The first five places may choose from the following prizes (the first place will get first pick, the second winner may choose from the remaining four, and so on): A special Spades custom avatar by Micklauer + Spades Table, a special custom large spadesthemed graphic (or, if desired, an avatar) by Carribean + Spades Table, the sloop "Amazing Spadefish" + Spades Table´, a fruitcake + Spades Table and 15k to be used for the purchase of a card-holding portrait + Spades Table.

Additional prizes include poe, outfits and furniture. I will aim to provide prizes for the top 15 players. All prizes will be finalized either during the Workshop phase in case of a shortlisting, or two weeks before the Event itself will run in case of it not being shortlisted.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

At least three "dummy" players who do not score points for themselves, to fill up games, and later replace quitters. One more fulltime judge to help keep the results displayed at all times and settle accusations of tabletalk/cheating.

OM Assistance

none required

Workshop Coaching

Potential problems: Seeding of the tables. In a pure random seeding, a lucky Able player might score more points on an all Able table than an Ult on an all Ult table - both have the same potential for points, but the second is likely to work harder for it. A semi-random seeding, taking into account to seed groupings with different skills might help? Also, there is the problem of quitters. The "dummy" players will help alleviate those, but they will play merry hell with any attempted scheduling. Problematic if "quitters" quit during their groupings, too - more dummy players required then.


Previous Similar Events

none I know of


Successful organisation of Tichu and Doko tournaments in reallife, in a comparable modus, online Tichu league participation. My Flag and quite a few hearties are willing to supply dummy players, judges and prizes.