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Ingenious Ironman Enigma Extravaganza
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This is a competition to see who on the Viridian Ocean is the most well - rounded pirate of all.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All players on the Viridian Ocean are welcome. Elapsed time This could take take a few days. It depends on when the voyage is set to begin after the prelims.
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Participant Time All players will compete for the full voyage. This time will vary. A select few will continue to a later time.
Expected Participation Limit of 60 entrants to the duty puzzle portion. Anyone may join the preliminary tournament, but only 60 will move on. Judging Time This will be instantaneously decided.
Platform This will be on the Viridian Ocean.


Event Description

A preliminary drinking tournament will take place before the voyage. Anyone may enter. Out of those who don't make it past the round with 32 people, 2 names will be drawn, and they will be put on a second frigate [if there are enough entrants] to compete for a lesser grand prize. The main grand frigate will have all competitors jobbed on board on the selected date. The first leg of the voyage [Tigerleaf Mountain - Dragon's Nest] will be a sailing competition. The second leg [Dragon's Nest - Hunter's Point - Olive Island] will be carpentry. The final leg [Olive Island - Dendrite Island - Xian Rock - Conglin Island] will be bilge. Points will be distributed like so: Sailing - The top 24 on the duty report will score points. Top will earn 24 points at the LP. The points will cascade from there, until 24th gets 1 point. The top 24 move to carp. The scoring will be the same for carpentry, except only the top 16 score points and move to bilge. In bilge, the top 8 score points. At the end, the top 8 in points will compete in a swordfighting tournament. The winner of this tournament will win the Grand Prize. Runner - up will win a lesser prize, and same for the two behind the runner - up. [If there is a second voyage {for lesser GP}, it will have its own set date, which may be same or different from the first voyage]. Extra Fun - Throughout the voyage, pirate-based and puzzle-based trivia questions will be asked by the event runner [myself]. Everyone, including volunteers, may answer. The first person to send [me] a /tell with the correct answer earns 100 poe, to be distributed at the end of the trip.


The winner will be instantaneous. There will be people working on the stations that aren't in the current leg's competition, and one person from each of the other 2 stations will take note of the duty report. Additionally, I will be on the Navigation station and will also note reports.


Grand Prize [1] green/blue parrot. (If this is unacceptable, the prize can be changed.) [2] 100k poe. 2nd prize - Renamed Sloop ; 3rd prize (2) - Choice of any type of sword and 5k. Consolation - After sailing round, those who don't advance may enter a drinking tournament for 15k cascading arithmetically. After Carpentry, a Treasure Drop tournament for 15k cascading exponentially.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

This event will require volunteers to maintain the stations that aren't being competed over. Also, volunteers to note duty reports. Donations are open, but not expected.

OM Assistance

Help monitor who enters the swordfighting tournament. [If possible] ; Supply familiar. (Again, if unacceptable, it can change) ; Make an announcement that Saito's drinking tournament is the preliminary phase of IIEE. [This way people will know to join].

Workshop Coaching

One issue, as stated, may be people slipping into the tournament. Would a an off-board tournament be better? Also, is there a way to avoid battles at sea?


Previous Similar Events

Bake-offs are similar in the way that they are competing on duty puzzles.


This is my first event [=/] but I'd be excited to see this happen, and get the chance to run it.