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Sloop Dice Run
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In the tradition of the snowmobile dice runs of great white north; a race on a pre-determined route, with stops on each island to drink.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Team of 5 subscribers on one sloop. Elapsed time 3-6 hrs depending on number of participants
Unit of Entry Teams of 5- one sloop Participant Time 3hrs Approx. Time will vary depending on the speed of the team.
Expected Participation Hard cap of 20 teams Judging Time Scores to be tabulated and announced within 60 minutes of event completion
Platform In Game - Midnight


Event Description

In the winter months, many a snowmobile rider has participated in a dice run. The idea is to drive from station to station, all several miles apart. When at the station, the driver then rolls a set of six dice. Scores are marked on a card for the driver, and then they move on. Participants win prizes for highest score, quickest time, and lowest score. Usually with this type of race there is a lot of drinking! A Ypp dice run involves a sloop and a team of five participants. They will race from island to island in a circuit. (or a route that is predetermined). The team will stop at each island where two of its members will participate in a round of Drinking. The points from the drinking will be added up – with the team with the highest number of points winning a prize. Other awards will be given as well.


Judging take place in two ways. The first way is speed/time between islands. The teams are awarded based on speed. The top five teams for each are awarded points based on speed for that leg of the race. The quickest run would receive 5 points, second fastest 4 points, third fastest 3 points, etc. Each leg of the race is awarded separate points. A judge would have to record the time of start of the team. A second judge would record the finish time. Verification of a sloop being in port can be done by a /vwho. The second way of awarding points is through drinking. The two participants of the drinking portion will drink against two members of the race volunteers. The game will play until the board is completely stained. No two racers can participate in drinking two islands in a row; all racers on the sloop MUST drink once. Racers total points will be added together and recorded. The top 5 teams will be awarded points like in the race portion. Highest score = 5 points, the second highest will receive 4 points, etc. Prizes are in the following categories: Overall Points, Speed, and Drinking. Points from the speed portion and drinking portion will be recorded and tabulated by one person. All volunteers will report times/scores to this person. Points are awarded as the contest progresses.


Overall points winner: First: Trinkets – dice & 15k poe; Second: 10k poe; Third – 5k poe; Speed Winners: First - 15k poe ; Second – 10k poe; Third – 5k poe; Drinking Winners: First: Skull Mugs; Second- Horn mugs; Third - Goblets

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Will need volunteers to be island drinkers, and time keepers.

OM Assistance

OMs will be asked nicely to provide the creation of the trinkets, and help with the announcement of the event.

Workshop Coaching


Previous Similar Events

There have been sloop races, however they depend on overall speed, with this event, a booch in one leg will not lose the total race.


Althought I have not run an ocean wide event, I have a very active and interested crew and flag to help. And you have to start somewhere.