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Puzzle Pirate University - PPU (?)
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This event is a combination of an orientation/instruction time for new pirates and a pillage event for them to win a 3 month subscription to YPP. This event is targeted at NEW non-subscribed pirates. Not for new alts of current subscribers or for new free accounts for current subscribers unless the account is for a totally new individual (spouse, child, friend, etc

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Greenies – new non-subscribed pirates. Elapsed time 1 Day Event
Unit of Entry Individual entry Participant Time 1.5 – 2 hours
Expected Participation Optimistically 30, but more probably 15-20 Judging Time 5-10 minutes after the event is completed
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

This event would consist of approximately 30 minutes of orientation/instruction to new players on some of the tenants of YPP - i.e.; what are crews & flags, what is jobbing, what are duty puzzles and why are they important, how to team in Sea Battle, the importance of staying onboard ship once the ship has entered battle, etc. In general the kinds of things that greenies need to know to make them good candidates for established crews.

Following the instruction session, all participants would be jobbed to an appropriately sized vessel for a pillage. The pillage would be navved by an experienced (and patient) player. The event manager(s) would be in charge of greenie wrangling, leaving the CO free to handle the ship. Experienced gunners would also be present to man gun stations.

During the pillage, all greenies would rotate through the sailing, carp and bilge stations, with scoring done at LPs (much like a bake-off).

In order to “graduate”, contestants must remain for the entire pillage. At the end of the pillage, all graduates would receive a green bandana plus a trinket of some sort to indicate they had graduated PP U. The puzzler with the top score would also win a 3 month paid subscription to YPP.


Scoring would be based on the order of listing on the duty reports. Top puzzler in each station will earn 1 point for each puzzler that s/he has beaten. Ties would be broken by SF

Judging will be done by the event manager(s)/greenie wranglers, who will laze on the pillage in order to be able to supervise the participants. Screen shots will be taken to verify scoring.


Green bandanas and trinkets for all graduates. One quarter (3 mos) paid subscription to YPP for the winner. Bandanas and subscriptions provided by event manager.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

One volunteer navver plus 2-3 volunteer gunners for the pillage section. One additional greenie wrangler would also be good. It would be great if a Ringer or the OM on duty could attend the orientation section of the event for a Q & A session

OM Assistance

Collaboration on and approval of all information presented in the orientation session. Creation and donation of special trinkets for the graduates. Rich, inept brigs to defeat during the pillage would also be greatly appreciated :P

Workshop Coaching

Issues that need addressing. How to prevent greedy experienced players from creating free accounts to get the free subscription. Suggestions and assistance in creating the orientation material – to be informative, brief and humorous.


Previous Similar Events

To my knowledge there have been no previous events of this sort and darn few that were specifically geared towards greenies.

I have wanted to do a greenie college for some time now. The subject was broached with Clever last year, but it came up right in the middle of new releases and bannings, etc, so it got put on the back burner. It has been simmering away in my head since then and this seemed like a great time to revisit the idea and seek the OM assistance that I know will be needed.


Previous experience – Midnight Madness Great Circumnavigation Challenge and believe me it was an experience. Volunteers dropped out, ships got lost, at one point I had 4 alts on at the same time in order to man one section of the event. Despite the problems, we completed the entire event, which ran over the course of 3 weekends. All prizes were awarded and the people who played had a good time. I learned a lot about the wisdom of limiting event staff to those you can really trust to be where you need them, when you need them there. I also just completed the Piratical Pictorial Puzzlement on Midnight. All advertised prizes have been awarded and winners congratulated (but if I had known that this event was in the offing, I probably would have saved the Puzzlement so I could have entered it here). I have also planned several events for my flag and have another flag event in the offing.