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In A Timely Passion
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A race from one end of Midninght to the other, making sure to not lose a single battle along the way

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone on Midnight Elapsed time During the run of the contest minus one day to make sure i got everything closed up and ready to go
Unit of Entry Individuals Participant Time Well, if its over 3 hours, you probably won't be winning. I'll need to make the run and get a ballpark figure here
Expected Participation Folks who like being alone Judging Time As they finish
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

Has your boss ever said, " I need this in a timely fashion." Lets face it, your boss knows nothing of fashion, and thinks he owns your time. What we really want to be doing is sailing that sloop through the midnight ocean, trying to deliver "A Timely Passion." Thats right, the residents of ? are in serious need of a certain Passion Fruit atainable only at ?. Its up to you to deliver as quickly as possible, but remember, the nasty brigands will stop at nothing to get it from you. As you can see, the rules are simple, and i believe enforcable. I don't care how many folks are on your ship, when you start, where you go, who you meet, as long as you don't lose any commods, any at all, between the time stamps that show you getting passion fruit at a unique shop or palace (TBA) on one end of the ocean and delivering it to the unique destination shop or palace.


Just show me their log by making my alt Timely an officer. The log must show the passion fruit bought at the starting location and sold at the destination, with no commods removed inbetween. The pirate with the quickest delivery time is the winner. More prizes may be awarded besdies first, like a prize for the slowest, but still delivered safely, or 2nd fastest etc. A pirate can show me the log at anytime before the event is over, So if they make the run on Tuesday, but don't show me their log until thursday, this won't be a problem, thus allowing pirates from any timezone in on the fun. One area still up for discussion is the idea of posting ongoing successful times, to challenge people to keep trying harder, or just keeping them secret until it is over.


A sloop (hopefully renamed something speedy) equiped with a complete set of fancy furniture (Its what I do) this means bed, chairs (2), table, dresser, end table, chest, wardrobe, book desk. Why a sloop and furniture? anyone making this trip probably lives on their sloop.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

None needed that i can see now, may change

OM Assistance

Renaming maybe ?

Workshop Coaching

Expert advice, can't pass that up


Previous Similar Events

New to the events realm, if there were some i'm not the guy to ask


I have a good grasp of the YPP Game, Wiki, and forums, as i'm sure time in all three will be needed to make sure this event gets publicized. I spend enough time in game that the actual checking of logs should be no problem. I am patient with folks, a trait i've noticed neccessary if your going to plan and run an event. I am also a good judge of what folks like, and where the line is between worth doing something and just a waste of time. Anyway, hope this helps.