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Rogue's Gallery
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An acquisitive competition for portraits of Y!PP notables created in the style of famous paintings, to hang in a Puzzle Pirates gallery in the YPPedia

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All pirates on all oceans who enjoy creating artworks. Elapsed time 2.5 weeks to include one week prior Forum notice
Unit of Entry Individual entries Participant Time Open ended within the time frame
Expected Participation No limit to numbers of contestants. 25 plus expected Judging Time Allow 4 days
Platform Forum with eventual YPPedia involvement


Event Description

  • Now that Puzzle Pirates is 2 years old it’s time the site had its very own portrait gallery. Through a forum thread in Mariners Muse, participants will be invited to create a portrait (as distinct from an avatar). Each portrait will depict a YPP notable and will be created in the style of any famous painting, whether Giotto, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, or Roy Lichtenstein – the choice is that of the entrants. Final studies for a sculpture would also be acceptable - as Michelangelo, Henry Moore, or even Damien Hurst (If you must!)
  • Entries to be hand drawn and scanned. Computer programme colouring is allowed, but work fully created and scanned will be likely to be more favoured.
  • No part of the portrait may be copied from the game or the YPPedia.
  • 'Found' images may be used only if contributing to a creative style – eg a David Hockney collage look. Not for backgrounds and props etc.
  • Portraits to depict Ringers, OM’s or famous YPP ‘names’.
  • An example painting in the chosen style to be submitted alongside the entry (All example paintings must be available for posting to a public forum. (i.e. free of copyright).
  • Non OM or Ringer 'notable' subjects to be submitted for approval prior to entry.

NB – I see this as possibly being Part 1 of an on-going and longer term series of events to fill up a major gallery page in the YPPedia. However it will work as a stand-alone whether further rounds are held or not. I'd also love to see the eventual portrait collection featured as an in-game gallery on a palace wall!


  • The entrant will call upon in-game assistants and impartial non playing artists.
  • Judging will be based the quality of the portrait, accuracy in mimicking the chosen famous paintings and artists and on relevance to the chosen subject in character, costume and choice of ‘props’.
  • Category prizes will be awarded to e.g. funniest, best modern and best classical


Prizes could include:-

  • A familiar (parrot for quills) if OMs deem the event worthy.
  • Alternatively, a double portrait with subject of winning entry.
  • Feather (quill) trinkets would be requested.
  • Furniture for artist's studio – portrait easel, desk, blotter and quill, chair etc from my resources.
  • At least 20K poe divided between category winners from my own pocket.
  • Donations of poe and prizes will be sought

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Volunteers will not be essential but the organiser will no doubt ask hearties for moral support

OM Assistance

  • OMs will be petitioned to provide familiar and / or trinkets as appropriate.
  • OMs and Ringers might be petitioned to participate in the winner's prize portrait.
  • OMs and Ringers might be requested to provide a short description of themselves and interests to assist painters.
  • Request for Forum threads stickied on Events and Mariners Muse.
  • Assistance will be requested to set up the YPPedia gallery

Workshop Coaching

  • Decision on portrait subject – whether only OMs, only Ringers (eg Cleaver and Nemo) and / or notable in game characters? Criteria for qualification of 'Noteables' as subjects needs thought. The short time frame might necessitate limited subjects.
  • Finalisation of categories and appropriate prizes.
  • Maximum size (500 x 500?) to be decided.
  • Best means of entry – via entrant Forum posts or email to ensure impartiality.
  • Judging – criteria list, allowing for subjectivity.


Previous Similar Events

This event could be seen to be similar to avatar contests but the aim is to get away from the avatar style and create a quality gallery. I believe modelling the entries on masterworks is original.


  • Apart from running a parrot themed party as a house warming, I have no experience in organising YPP events.
  • I have a great deal of experience in running RL arts and community events.