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An event where officers try to be the fastest to plank a specific pirate. The officer who planks the pirate is awarded 1 point. The person with the most points wins!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone who knows how to plank and has an Alt to eneter. Elapsed time 1-3 hours.
Unit of Entry Individual enteries. Participant Time 1-3 hours.
Expected Participation Limited to 26 participants. I will make a crew just for this event most likely named The Plankers, I will add alts into this crew allowing me to only add 26 people thus limiting the number of contestents. Judging Time Instantanious.
Platform The Cobalt Ocean on a War Brig.


Event Description

  • The Event Planner and the 3 Plank Pirates (the pirates to be planked) board the War Brig located on Dragons Nest. The plank pirates are created by 3 volunteers. Each volunteer creates a pirate which I job on to the ship. Once they get planked the volunteer creates a new pirate with a different name and I job them on to the ship. The contestents board the ship and take a station. Once everyone has a station the Event Planner sets sail towards Tigerleaf Mountain. When the ship gets to a league point the Event Planner will annouce which pirate is to be planked. The officer who planks the pirate gets awarded 1 point. The Event Planner will job a new Plank Pirate on to the ship and sets sail. This continues for 12 more leagues. After the last Plank Pirate is planked the ship sets sail one last time. Once at the island the ship ports. The Event Planner adds all the points and annouces 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The Event Planner awards the prizes. If a tie occurs the two remaining participants will be told to plank one of the Plank Pirates. The officer who planks the pirate will be declared the winner of the Plank-a-thon!
  • Contestents can use alts for the competion, but to insure prizes get to the the right pirate, prizes will be given to the alts and they may trade them themselves.


The person with the most points wins!


  • 1st 5000 PoE and their choice of 1 of 2 Trinkets!
  • 2nd 2500 PoE and the remaining Trinket!
  • 3rd 1000 PoE!

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Need 3 volunteers to create Plank Pirates (Explained above). A 4th person is required in case of unexpected need to leave by one of the other volunteers. They volunteers are required to meet with the Event Planner 30 mins prior to the event.

OM Assistance

  • Need 2 Trinkets (one of greater value and rarity).
  • Briggands turned off between Dragons Nest and Tigerleaf Mountain to allow a smooth and quick sail.

Workshop Coaching

It is possible for people not to work on the ship causing the ship to move slowly. Also people could plank the wrong pirate. I plan to disqualfy the pirate who misbehaves but if ye have a better idea it is always welcomed.


Previous Similar Events

There have been planking contest where everyone tries to be the last on the ship by planking other people on the ship. My event is different because a certain pirate needs to be planked and points are awarded when that pirate is planked.


This is my first event. My crew has a large fleet of ships and are willing to lend me one for the competion.