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Smokin Hot Poker Tournament
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A poker tournament for everyone who everyone who enjoys poker on Puzzle Pirates

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Poker Players Elapsed time Possibly half a day hours or 6-7 hours depending on the amount of people
Unit of Entry Registration Participant Time until they lose, possibly hours to less than an hour or less than 10 minutes
Expected Participation As many as possible,Need a number divisible by 5, prefer to stop at 100 unless poker players are pouring in Judging Time The winner will be easily deccided by the last one still on the table with money, so it doesn't take long to say "he/she's won"
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description

2 no limit, no Pre-flop all-in, 5 to a table, no rebuying/cashing out and back in, when only one person on te table is left with all 1000 of the poe, he moves on to the next 2 no limit, if 100 people join, finals will be 20 no limit


Winner is the last one with poe on the table, simple as that


The money earned by playing poker is kept,prizes by OM's for getting execptionally far would be good

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

would need some people to watch tables at times to get it going faster

OM Assistance

some poker tables marked so that only contestants can enter

Workshop Coaching

Time is an important issue here as well as prizes. I'm not the richest man, so I'm just here to offer you my idea.


Previous Similar Events

have never done other events, would like to have this as a new experience


i am an officer in one of the crews that i am in, treasurer in one of the clubs i attend in RL, diligence is my key