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Insult Sparring
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Participants vie for the title of "Most Creative Insulter," going head-to-head in a tournament-style battle.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All Elapsed time Two days for the entry insults; then two weeks for the contest itself; and then five days for the final round plus tab and winner announcements.
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Each round will have a topic and a "person" to insult. The forum will have each round's topic and submissions, with the topics also posted in the Events main thread. Participant Time 6 hours per entry, with 3 rounds a week until they are no longer a part of the tournament.
Expected Participation A hard cap of 64 or 128 players, first-come first-insulted. Entrance insults will be required, with adherance to the topic being the qualifyer. If entry fees are incorporated, first-paid will also have dibs on spots. Judging Time 24 hours at most.
Platform Forum, with possibly an in-game finals round if support is high.


Event Description

A forum-based contest where players try to come up with the most creative (and clean!) insult. It will be a single-elimination tournament bracket, with people being judged only against their one opponent. As more and more people get knocked out, the topics will become more creative and difficult to work with. Bonus points will be given for unique insult structure. Each topic will also have a word/sentance limit, except possibly the final round.


Each bracket's winner will be based on response to the topic, cleanliness, and general creativity of the insult. The judge's panel will be required to advance players based strictly on the first two, with the last being a more personal idea. I hope to gather judges from respected players in the game who have shown themselves to be well-spoken and creative. To keep judging clean and above reproach, I will be randomizing the matches and emailing the list to the judges for their perusal. Pirates who do not enter for that round or violate the topic rule will be disqualified.


Renamed War Brig + Trinket? + poe prize for the grand winner; Trinket? + poe prize for runner-up; Trinket? + poe prize for 3rd-4th place; Trinket? for 5th-15th place. Some sort of trinket for the "Silliest Insult," "Rhymiest Insulter," possibly some others. Renamed Sloop to be given as a special prize.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Judges, drawn from the player pool (I'll need at least three, probably more. An odd number is an absolute must to ensure total fairness); as well as some help with the Wiki templates for archiving purposes.

OM Assistance

Stickied threads for round announcements, trinkets, and help/possible discounts on renaming a WBrig for the grand prize and a sloop for a special prize.

Workshop Coaching

I'm still rather new to Wiki formatting, so I'll need advice on how to set up a template for preserving all entries for posterity. Re: winners on Virid/Sage, I'm simply stuck in terms of prizes, must think on that and see about sponsors. More thoughts: Are commods such as cloth appropriate prizes, or should I turn them into clothing for prizes? Pot taken care of, although ... looking at this, it's a huge time commitment for the players that go the farthest. Would this be worthy of familiar status? If not, what would be required to make it so?


Previous Similar Events

There was the "Monkey Island Tribute" run by Eris, I believe in 2003. However, Insult Sparring is not an in-game contest, and is more structured than Eris' event. From what I can tell, there also weren't any specific topics, just general insults. This is quite larger, with people from all oceans encouraged to play, and prizes awarded on the winner's ocean of choice. The topic of "insult throwing" bears some resemblance to the Limerick War that occurred in the Muse, but this one is again contest-themed, not just random insulting poems. The tournament setup seems like the Deathmatch, because it's... well, a tournament. However, this is single elimination, and not poetry.


I helped run Shanty Raid-io's first Day of the Drink in June 2005, as well as three smaller contests as part of my "Farewell to Shanty" party. During the late summer and early fall, I held some word/poetry contests during my radio shows, with decent participation. Previous to Shanty events, I ran a rather small art contest in the forums. In real life, I have also helped to run/judge speech tournaments, so I know how a tournament setup works. The flags I'm in have many experienced event planners and runners, and I might be able to get some of them to help, particularly as judges.