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Survivor Drinking
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A drinking tournament (6 players per table) where each round the worst drinker per table is eliminated, and between rounds more players are eliminated by vote.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All players, though event is skewed towards the average players (worst players eliminated by score, best players eliminated by vote). Elapsed time Based on participation: assuming 45 minutes per game, then 60 people would take about 5 hours, 120 would take about 7. Event may be split into multiple days.
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time Same as Elapsed Time
Expected Participation 60-120 Judging Time Instantaneous (a bit of time between rounds to collect the votes)
Platform Sage Ocean


Event Description

Participants are randomly grouped into tables of 6 and play a drinking game to 1000 points. The player with the lowest score is eliminated from the tournament. After each round -- when every table has finished -- then a secret vote is called to eliminate approximately one more person per table. The exact number of people eliminated by vote is determined by the number of players left: if there were 60 players in the last round, then 10 are eliminated by score, and 12 must be eliminated by vote in order to have 48 people left, which would fit into groups of 6.


Elimination is based on scores from games and votes from players.


Cold hard cash, perhaps something topical, like a drinking table or mugs.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

None possible: all votes would have to go to one person. Perhaps one other person to handle who goes to which table.

OM Assistance

Announcement, consumption of excess alcohol.

Workshop Coaching

Arranging the voting may be complicated. A small computer program might be written to handle the tallying of votes. Also, the event may take a LONG time.


Previous Similar Events

All previous group-drinking tournaments.


I'm dead sexy. I've also got a good chunk of cash.