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Scurviest Scallywag in the Ocean
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A week long series of competitions to determine the scurviest scallywag on the Midnight Ocean.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All around good players. Players must be subscribers. Elapsed time Two weeks.
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Participant Time 2 hours for pre-qualifier round. 3 hours for qualifier. 3 hours for the gunning bakeoff. Various matches throughout the two weeks for tournaments. Final sloop race, as fast as you can solo around diamond.
Expected Participation Three initial qualifiers with room for 48 players each. Judging Time As quickly as scores can be tabulated. A running tab on scores will be kept to keep this to a minimum.
Platform In game, Midnight ocean. Wiki used for scheduling/tourney brackets


Event Description

Pre-qualifier: Three Pre-qualifiers will be held on Saturday, March 5 (at various times to allow a variety of players to have a chance). 48 pirates will be jobbed aboard the Witty Bluegill (Grand Frigate). A sea battle method duty bakeoff of 3 rounds will be held, with each pirate doing carp, sail, and bilge for one round each. The top 16 scores from each pre-qualifier will proceed on to the qualifiers. Sea battle will last 30 turns, and scores will be determined when the ship ports after each battle. Scoring will go by the following rating 20 points to the top in each duty, 19 to second, and so on with the lowest rated person getting 4 points.

Qualifier: Sunday, March 6th at Noon PST the qualifier for the week’s competitions will be held aboard the Witty Bluegill. The 48 people who passed the pre-qualifier will be narrowed down to 16 by the same method as the pre-qualifier, except with a 50 round sea battle. The 16 winners will move on to the bulk of the competitions, spread out over the next two weeks.

Gunning: The competitors will be jobbed aboard the Witty Bluegill Saturday March 11, at Noon PST. Each participant will be given a chance to load all 24 cannons in 6 minutes or less. Scoring, fastest will earn 20 points, second fastest 19, third, 18, down to whoever is still faster than 6 minutes, if you are over 6 minutes, you will be given a universal 4 points. Any ties will get the same amount of points. Example, clear first place, 4 way tie for second place , clear sixth place, first will get 20 points, all those tied for second will get 19, the sixth place will get 15 points, last place (assuming they are below 6 minutes) will get 4 points.

Competitions during the week' These competitions will be held throughout the two weeks on an arranged basis with judges (Judge list, and normally available times will be posted to the wiki). For duty nav, this will be an individual thing, for tournaments, please consult the Tournament brackets, and contact yer opponent to arrange a time, and place. No tournament, or duty nav will happen during the gunning bakeoff on the weekend, but other than that, any time a judge is available between when the tournament brackets are posted (sometime Sunday night after we have selected the 16), and the start of the sloop race is allowed. If necessary, we will finish tourneys, and duty nav after the sloop race, but anyone determined responsible for holding up either tourneys, or duty nav, will be docked points.

Duty Nav: Players will be jobbed onto a sloop with a judge aboard, they will be allowed 2 bots to do with as they please, the judge will be on bilge, and will be capable of keeping a damage free sloop dry. The test will be over 4 leagues; score on duty nav will be noted for each league, and totaled for the 4 leagues. Scores will be 5 for incredible, 4 for excellent, 3 for good, 2 for fine, 1 for poor, 0 for booched/learning.

Tournaments The tournaments will all be double elimination, with brackets posted on the wiki. If necessary, a match will be held without a judge, this will only be approved of if both sides tell the same story. If there is a valid concern raised by a judge about such a match, a rematch may be required. Scoring will be as follows for all the double elimination tourneys:

  • 16-13....5
  • 12-9.....10
  • 5-8......15
  • 4th......17
  • 3rd......18
  • 2nd......19
  • 1st......20

Sword Fight: Double Elimination, randomly seeded, bring yer own sword.

Hearts: Play to 100. Two high scores count as a loss. Final game played three times, lowest total score (from the final set) wins.

Drinking: 1v1, randomly seeded tourney. Play to 1500, bring yer own mug.

Treasure Drop: Standard point structure, 30 second turns.

The Grand Finale Sloop Race: Saturday March 18, 10 Am PST. Participants must have a sloop ported at Alpha, if not a sloop may be made available, but you will need to let us know in advance. Starting at Alpha you will solo around Diamond, going up to Turtle, than counter clockwise to Cnossos, Winter Solstice, Oyster, Byrne, Papaya, and ending back up at Turtle. You will be provided with 10 gems at the beginning of the race. PVP between players is allowed, but will not be tolerated by non participants. Brigand battles will happen as they happen. Score will be determined by 20 - [(Time behind winner/minutes)] + (difference in gems). No score lower than 0, I will not deduct from yer total if you should hit a negative score. To ensure that you are going around the islands like you are supposed to, you will purchase one medium cannon ball from a specific shop (TBA) on each island (including the start of Alpha to determine you were in port when the start was announced, early starts will be disqualified), this will be confirmed by judges when you port at the end of the race (trade the deed to them so that they may capture the logs, and then they will return the deed), and by checking the shop records.

General Notes/rules: Final places will be determined by total of scores from the qualifiers on. Pre-qualifiers will be dropped. Lowest score on each of the 16 participants will be dropped to allow for misfortune of any sort. If necessary, a tiebreaker for 1st of a TBA Game Gardens game will be held (I have some in mind, but it will not be announced unless necessary).


Judging will be done by volunteer players I trust to be honest in this. For the qualifier and pre qualifier I plan on having 3 judges, and one gunner (backup judge). For the gunning bakeoff, two judges. Judges for tourneys and duty nav, as many as necessary for good coverage (I know 24 hour coverage is probably impossible). Sloop race 4 judges will be doing /vwhos to keep track of numbers aboard, and do checkouts for determining time and score.


Prizes will be updated as I get some commitments from friends/flag mates for clothes/ships/furniture. I plan on putting up a fair amount of cash myself (currently up to 100,000, although that will go up as needed.) for funding prizes, and some pay to those who show up to the pre-qualifier. I have generalized prizes for now, if I get shortlisted, I will make specific listings for things like clothes, furniture, and trinkets. All participants will recieve something for their time, I intend on doing a booty divy after each qualifier.
8-16 can pick from:

  • A custom painted sloop (no black/gold)
  • A low end furniture item, or a low end outfit.
  • A choice from a couple of low end trinkets.

4-7 can pick one from the above or the following:

  • A choice from a few mid range trinkets inscribed with place in competition.
  • A mid range furniture item, or outfit.
  • Portrait with OM of choice.
  • A sloop with a custom name.

Second and Third can pick from or above lists, or the following:

  • A choice from a few high end trinkets/rare furniture items.
  • A High end outfit. No all black, no gold.
  • Custom Named and Painted Sloop

First Place: Parrot Familiar of yer choice (no all black, gold, or white). 25000 poe.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Judges I pick. Possible need of IM (or palace)Owners along the sloop race route to confirm that participants bought shot from their shop.

OM Assistance

Familiar for first place (if allowed), gems for sloop race, various trinkets for prizes, sloop renames. Broadcast for initial qualifiers. Turning off brigands on the remote route to be used for duty nav portion. Possibly moving ships to location for bakeoff/duty nav.

Workshop Coaching

I know I need to work at balancing the scoring methods for the double elimination tourneys. It also needs work on overall balancing scoring so that no one element is a contest winner in of itself. Possible cheating if a match in a tourney happens without a judge, however, this is probably no more a problem than any form of throwing a tourney, whether automated, or run by judges.


Previous Similar Events

The "Best Pirate Competition"held by Leonora in June of 2004. Mine is a far different format from that competition, and involves 2 new games (Hearts and Treasure Drop), along with the updated Drinking. Their have been numerous tourneys, bakeoffs etc over the years, but only that one other that has tried to prove who is best all around pirate.


I admit having never run, or planned any events before. I am getting a lot of help from far more experienced mates with details on everything from scoring, to scheduling. I have been a judge in several duty puzzle bakeoffs, and have helped with a couple other broadcast events. My flag will be helping with filling judging positions, along with prizes (more details on that once I get confirmation on prizes out of them).