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The Blockade Race
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Competitors race from Sakejima to Lima (on Cobalt) through 3 blockade boards while trying to stay alive and get to Lima first.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Pillagers, Blockaders, Subscribers Elapsed time 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes
Unit of Entry Sloop, as many on a sloop as you want. 1k per sloop. (For Prizes) Participant Time 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Expected Participation 25 or more sloops Judging Time 10 minutes or less
Platform Blockade and Sloop Race: Cobalt


Event Description

All sloops will be able to enter 1 hour before the event. Along with telling me the name of the ship, they must /pay me 1k for prizes. No new ships will be allowed to enter prior to 20 minutes ahead of the start of the race. Also, ships that you use cannot have the same name as another ship in your flag. As many people are allowed on a ship as you want, but the ship must be a sloop. Once everyone is ready, I will start the race, sitting on a ship out of port to make sure no one enters the Sake blockade ocean side. They will have to make it through 3 different blockade boards. This means as soon as the red blockade sign pops up, everyone will deport from Sake, then sail to Terra, go through that blockade, then sail to Prolix, then sail through Lima's blockade. The blockades will be at Sakejima, Terra, and Lima, and they will all be non sinking. To make sure everyone goes through the Terra blockade, the competitors must send 1 unit of cannonballs to a shop on the island. (Shop is to be decided). It should also be noted you have to go through the Terra Blockade twice. (Once to get into Terra, and once to get out and start heading to Prolix.) Sakejima, and Terra, will have no ships on their blockade boards, but Lima will have a War Brig. However, is for some reason there are other ships in the blockades to wreck havoc on everyone, that is perfectly allowed. First one to port at Lima and job me aboard the ship wins.(I would also like to mention that Imperial Margerine has been notified and agreed that it would be okay to drop a War Chest for the Event.)If anything isn't said in the outline above, then it is allowed. You can do whatever you want.


First to get to Lima and job me aboard their ship wins.


1st place: Everyone on team gets blue/aqua ribbon and a PoE prize. 2nd place: War Brig and a PoE prize. 3rd place: A PoE prize. Also, there might be a PoE consolation prize for everyone who makes it through the race, depending on amount of people who finish and participation.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

1 bnavvers for the WBs, (I should have someone to help) and jobbers to help them.

OM Assistance

Making the Ribbons.

Workshop Coaching

As long as we have the list of sloops, we should be fine. However, we have to make sure the War Brig drivers don't purposelly target certain people, but instead shoot everyone. And what happens if there is only 1 sloop that makes it to Lima? Do we give all the prizes to them? Or just first? Or what if no sloops make it to Lima? I thought a cool idea would for everyone to meet at the Lima blockade board, and the last sloop standing wins. But if people take too long, the blockade might be over by then.


Previous Similar Events

The only thing closely similair would have been other sloop races. And Avernus' event held in January for the Parrot.


I've hosted a few scavenger hunts and stuff before. Other then that, not much else.