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Sink The Queen
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PVP tournament/Basic Skills

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All Crews in the Cobalt Ocean Elapsed time Three to Five Hours
Unit of Entry Sloop Crews of Six Participant Time Variable
Expected Participation Fifteen to Twenty Crews Judging Time Three to Five Hours
Platform Cobalt Ocean


Event Description

All participants will be on a sloop that they provide. The Navigator of the Participating Crew (PC) will enter a locals only tourney. The tourney will be randomly seeded and the brackets that the tourney board comes up with will be Round 1 Brackets for the event. In the event of a might disparity between the 2 PCs, the ship with the weaker might will attack. PCs will register on the YPP Forum (Thread TBA).

Registration information will include: -Names of 6 people who will be participating in the event -2 alternates -Name of the crew participating -Name of the pirate who will be Officered into the War Flags

The PC must be made of up pirates from one crew. All entrants will be checked at the time they register to make sure they are in one crew. No alts will be allowed.

Registration will end twenty-four hours before the event. One person from each participating crew will be made an officer in the warring crews for the duration of the tournament. There is no limit on ship stock. The seventh person on the ship will be an observer from the Flag the Black Sheep (or other judge if there are volunteers). No Black Sheep crews will be involved in the tournament. Crews will leave Prolix Purlieu en route to Terra Island, and engage after the time limit allows. Disengages and Grapples count as a loss for the disengaging/grappling crew. The tournament is single elimination. Crews will be eliminated by sinking, grappling or disengaging. Switching boats between rounds will be allowed. When 4 crews remain they will have the opportunity to PvP The Black Sheep Queen, Tamitee, and a crew TBA. The final four boats will be chosen as follows: The overall winner of the pvp, the second place winner, the two winners in the round just previous. Until one of the sloops sinks. If the #1 team wins, it's over. If the #1 team loses, the #2 team will make the attempt.

There will be a five minute break between rounds.

This will go on until someone sinks our Queen. The judging will be done by the same two people each time on the last round, and an Ocean Master will be the judge on Tamitee's boat. If none of the vessels are able to sink our Queen, then the grand prize will be awarded to Tamitee.


Members of the Flag the Black Sheep and one OM


Grand Prize: One Ginger Monkey, blue ribbons (trinket first place ribbon) for crew Second Prize: Movement Stocked* War Brig from Yargh's Shipbuilding Stall on Prolix Purlieu, red ribbons (second place ribbons) for crew Third Prize: Movement Stocked Sloop from Yargh's Shipbuilding Stall on Prolix Purlieu and gift certificate for paint (amount TBA) at Zanity's Apothecary Stall on Lima Island, white ribbons (third place ribbons) for crew Fourth Prize: Movement Stocked Sloop from Yargh's Shipbuilding Stall on Prolix Purlieu and Sword rack and drinking shelf from Ladylola's Furnishing Stall on Lima Island *Movement stocking for is Fifteen rum and fifty cannonballs. Cannonballs provided by Puddinpirate's Ironworking Stall on Lima.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Judges from the Flag The Black Sheep, Volunteer judges may volunteer on the forums.

OM Assistance

Judging, prizes in the form of Monkey and trinkets (ribbons)

Workshop Coaching

I'm not sure what to say here. I'm sure I could use some help.


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Brilliant Ideas and sparkling personality. I've never done anything like this before. Tamitee and the flag have promised to help though:)