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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Tresure Islands
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Solve riddles to lead you to your next clue. Race to the finish.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone Elapsed time Estimated 2 hour
Unit of Entry Teams of 7 Participant Time Estimated
Expected Participation No limit Judging Time Instantaneous
Platform Sage


Event Description

All teams start on greenwich and are given a clue or hit, the answer of which is a specific island, on that island an assistant(ye have to track him/her down on the island). When you find him/her he will ask you a question. after answering the question correctly (s)he will tell you an archipelago and the hint to the next island, and an item to trade to the next riddler. The first team to answer the question on the third island is the winner. Rules are as follows, no wisking potions all travel must be done on the sloop which yer team signed up with. no outside help or giving answers to other teams.


First one there


A trinket of a tresure map or a tresure chest would be quite suiting... but if not, poe, dubs, and maybe a ship...

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Help with the puzzles and riddles would be greatly apriciated... and three people to hide on the islands.

OM Assistance

ship wisking, broad cast. special items.

Workshop Coaching

dont want them to be able to jump to islands freely, and dont want any teaming up to get there faster.


Previous Similar Events

none that i know of


first time... but hey ye have to start somewhere, im sure my crew can help if i need it.