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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Who's the Master-Trader?
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Prove to everyone that YOU are the master of the economy.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anyone with seed money and the will to succeed. Elapsed time Approximately 2 weeks
Unit of Entry Single Pirate Participant Time 10 Days
Expected Participation Limit of 50 pirates per ocean. Judging Time 2 or 3 days, depending on participation
Platform Viridian, possibly Sage as well.


Event Description

Due to the nature of the contest, participants may wish to use an alternate character for competion. (Prizes would still be awarded to the main character.) Participants will need to come up with seed money of 25,000 poe. Participants will then have 10 days to turn that 25,000 into as much as they can without pillaging or gambling. Speculate on the dubloon exchange, trade/transport commodities, open a shop, the choices are almost limitless.

Participants will start with only their seed money. Any other assets they possess that will be used during the competion (ie shops, stalls, ships, etc.) will need to be disclosed so that adjustments can be made during judging. At the end of the 10 days, the participants will provide a final accounting of their assets along with a short description of their strategy. Participants may use their seed money to purchase items that will aid in their poe-making endeavor.

Participants may NOT gamble, beg, scam or pillage during this time. Exception: participation in sea battles while transporting goods will not cause disqualification as long as the participant was not the challenger.


Judges will review the final assets of the participants. Adjustments will be made for any assets which were already owned by the participant at the start based on current value or start up cost. Values of any remaining tangible assets will be determined based on the current rates. Ships and shops will be valued at 90% of the current rate. Stalls will be valued at 30% of the original start up cost as they can not be sold. Resalable items (furniture, clothes, swords, etc) will be valued at 85% of the current rate if New, 45% if Good and 10% if old. Unsold commodities will be valued according to the market at that island. Unfilled bid tickets are worth face value of the goods.

It may be determined that participants will also have to provide their chat log and possibly other documentation.

[note - I'm seriously considering that it would be better to not have a fixed seed money amount. Instead perhaps a cap amount or range and then to compare the profit ratios of each contestant instead of just the actual profit. It would make it more fair for participants who entered the contest without assets such as shops and ships when competing against those that had them from the start. That would mean someone with a profit of 100,000 who actually tripled their assets would beat out someone else who had a profit of 200,000 and only doubled their assets.]


Participants keep what they earned plus.... Trinkets with whitty engravings for first through fifth places. A familiar for the winner would also be nice, if not possible then I would come up with some sort of cash prize.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Will need several pirates to act as judges and to field questions/resolve issues during competition.

OM Assistance

Verification of adherance to some rules, provision of trinkets

Workshop Coaching

Not positive on how to ensure adherance to all rules.... suggestions welcome. Prizes are also up for discussion.


Previous Similar Events

Don't know of any.


I've never done an event here, but I am very good with numbers and organizing things. I am also SO in a large crew that I know would support me.