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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Cruisin' Crews
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Crewmates work together to sail a ship and unravel a mystery

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Crews Elapsed time Several hours
Unit of Entry Crews sign up as a whole for the event Participant Time Variable & flexible for each individual
Expected Participation Probably a minimum of 20 crews Judging Time Instantaneous
Platform Viridean ocean (at least... could be done on all)


Event Description

Yarr! Rumor be that a survivor from the Legendary Isla de Muerta has washed up somewhere in Garnet. Can yer crew organize, coordinate and cooperate well enough to track down this survivor and win his chest of gold?

Crews will set out from Fintan Island, track down progressive clues through Onyx and Garnet, and finally learn enough information to find the survivor upon their arrival at Cochineal in Garnet. To get each successive clue, the registered ship must port at the next island and win at a puzzle. Upon doing so, they are given a clue and the location of the next island. While only one sloop per crew may compete, the other crew ships may attempt to PvP other participating crews in an attempt to slow them down.

This contest is designed to be won by the most organized, communicative, and well-rounded crew. Time is given for crew preparation ahead of time (e.g. transporting a "stockup" sloop to the area for refueling). The event itself is long enough that different pirates will probably take the different on-sloop duty stations; additional bnavvers (and even jobbers) will be on "support" vessels to engage the enemy. The best puzzlers in SF and other competitive games will be called upon to win "clues" and so forth - so that a well-rounded crew is a must.

For the event to work, the following people will be needed to "run" the event:

  • An OM to whisk ships
  • Volunteers on "testing" ships, stationed along the route.
  • A coordinator

If possible, these people should all be together on a voice network for conferencing.

Contest progression:

1. Event announcement. Crews who wish to participate have time to acquire charts (or make arrangements for charting) and move participating & supporting ships to Onyx and Garnet.

2. 1 day before race: final OIC, crew & sloop registration is posted publicly. (Allowing other crews to see their upcoming 'targets').

3. 1 hour before race: OMs whisk contestent sloops (if necessary) to Fintan. Coordinator and testers get on line and stand by. Crews should (temporarily) leave their flags to prevent sinking.

4. Sloops start off. Sloops must be manned by crew members, not jobbers, but the same crew members need not be present for the whole run.

5. Five minutes into the run, the sloops are told their first destination. (This is to prevent any crew from getting a jump on others and to make the start of the race the "real" start.) The Coordinator /tells the OIC on each sloop their first destination at this point. Now the OM will whisk the first "test sloop" & its testers to that island.

6. As each sloop arrives at that island, they transfer 1 rum to the test sloop (proving their arrival) and then one crew member (not necessarily from off the sloop) is invited to that test sloop where they must beat the tester in a SF. When they have, they are given the first clue and location of the next. The tester should report to the Coordinator as sloops & crews pass the first stage and receives their clue.

7. When all sloops have gotten the first clue (or when the first sloop arrives at the 2nd location), the 2nd test sloops is whisked by the OM to that location (again to prevent possible "spying out" that location ahead of time.) Again the contestent sloop transfers 1 unit of rum. This time a crew member must beat the tester in a drinking contest before learning the 3rd clue and location.

8. This process proceeds through one or several more islands -- at each point, a contest needing to be won (TD, spades, hearts, etc) before gaining the next clue.

9. The final clue gives the last piece to solving the logic puzzle (or story, or trivia, etc) which reveals a "password" (or some similar piece of information) which is to be given (again with proof of ship arrival) in port at Cochineal. Prizes are awarded in order of completion.

10. Once a sloop has finished (and perhaps taken on board prize cargo) it should be whisked by an OM back to the Jade island of its choice.


Victory at each stage is by winning the puzzle contest; at the end by order of arrival.


Some appropriate amount of poe to be shared among the crew for 1st-3rd winners. Ideally this would be in the form of gold (ore, cloth, paint) which could be sold back in Jade for the poe to distribute. Crews should determine for themselves how they choose to divide/spend/award their winnings. Commemorative ribbon trinkets (up to 3 per crew) should be given to the first 3 crews for their OIC/bnavver(s) who controlled the competing sloop.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Coordinator; judgers/testers at each intermediate island. (There should be 2 or 3 at each point, so that in case contestants overlap there is no need to wait, and they should be comparably matched in the puzzle they are testing so the test is of equal difficulty for all. Ideally the coordinator or some other monitor would also be present to ensure that no judge is helping out a crewmate/ally.)

OM Assistance

Available to whisk participating contestant sloops to and from the start and end of the race, and to position the "testing" sloops along the way when requested.

Workshop Coaching

If selected, at that point a more detailed route & storyline for this event can be developped. The workship might be helpful in suggesting the most appealing way to do the clues: pieces of a logic puzzle; parts of a story; clues requiring a crew member to look up YPP or pirate information to solve them; whether the next island should be told explicitly or be part of the clue; etc. The Workshop could also help in identifying and circumventing other possible ways of cheating/helping friends which the above considerations about whisking testing ships and monitoring the tests themselves do not prevent.


Previous Similar Events

Various races have been held before, but none (I don't think) which rely so heavily on a crew working well together both to prepare for the event ahead of time and be so well-rounded in such a wide variety of YPP skills... nor for "aid" (in the form of PvPs by non-contestent sloops) during the race itself.


I have participated in the coordinating, jobbing and running of several blockades, with that being said I feel that this can be easier to coordinate than a blockade itself! I am familiar with audio conferencing which I use almost daily. I know several willing and enthusiastic Puzzlers who can help as the Testers. Of course my crew will help with this event as well.