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Erebus at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Stormtalker of The Legion of Blackbeard
Member crew(s) The Legion of Blackbeard
Founded 23 February, 2009
Dormant as of 11 December, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Erebus is currently a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean.

In Greek mythology, Erebus ( /ˈɛrəbəs/), also Erebos (Ancient Greek: Ἔρεβος, "deep darkness, shadow"), was the son of a primordial god, Chaos, and represented the personification of darkness. Erebus married his sister Nyx (goddess of the night) and their offspring include: Aether, Cer, Hemera, Charon, the Hesperides, Hypnos, the Moirae, Momus, Nemesis, Oneiroi, Phlegethon, Styx, and Thanatos. In Greek literature the name Erebus is also used to refer to a region of the Underworld where the dead had to pass immediately after dying, and is sometimes used interchangeably with Tartarus.

Former flag kings/queens:


Public statement

Erebus - the God of darkness and shadows

Extended public statement

We are a flag alliance that seeks no trouble with nobody, but trouble seems to find our enemy! Crews will be assigned a royal if they got celebrated fame. This is in order to keep the amount of loyals at a decent level.

In order to join the flag, or discuss an alliance proposal - Please contact a royal.

Blockade history

Blockades the flag attended.

Event Blockade

Won: Carmine Island July 28th 2011


Island Blockade

Ranked flag members

Contact the flag

  • Erebus Contact Email if link doesnt work: contact@erebus.webege.com
  • The Flag forums. And use the Contact Category
    • Contacting the Flag should not be abused. Your IP will be banned from Flag forums if found abusing!
    • For more information on upcoming flag events and how to get involved, go to our flag forums.

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