Epsilon Island monument

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The Epsilon Island monument is located in the southeastern "town square" area, directly south of Clother than it Seams.

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Epsilon Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Duncan under the auspices of the flag The Libertarians.

It was home to these allied crews:
32 in The Dastards of the flag "The Libertarians"
23 in The Azure Rebellion of the flag "The Libertarians"

It was home to these independent crews:
55 in Dark Thorn Dragons of the flag "Dragons Brood"
47 in Waveriders of the flag "The Royal Amtgard Navy"
40 in Red Hand
37 in The Salty Seamen
27 in Aeronauts of the flag "Independents"
27 in Booty Buccaneers of the flag "Expatriated Zulus"
23 in The Privateers of the flag "The Pillage People"
19 in Rowdy Rapscallions of the flag "Pirates of the Narrabean"
15 in Faith of the Fallen of the flag "Seas of Despair"
14 in Cactus Legion of the flag "Black Plague"
13 in The Gruntled Hobos
11 in The Flying Tigers of the flag "The Patrician's"
10 in Canasta of Blades
8 in Free Radicals of the flag "Plundered Hearts"
8 in Eighth Circle of Hell of the flag "Hell"
7 in The Wailing Sails of the flag "The Black Pearl"
7 in Blizzard Raiders of the flag "Blizzard Clan"
7 in IoI iOSTrEaM IoI of the flag "iNtEr ParK"
7 in Piratey Pirates of the flag "Piratey Pirate's Only"
7 in Seanchan of the flag "We Don't Do Anything"
6 in Bottled Up
6 in Irish Inquisition
6 in The Humble of the flag "Dream Reapers"
6 in Teen Titans
5 in IDC Clan of the flag "Legion of Doom"
5 in Challengers of the flag "Old Spice"
4 in Royal Alpha Navy of the flag "The Alpha Empire"
4 in Soviet-Yulenion of the flag "The Black Wind"
4 in Warhounds
3 in Manannan mac Lir of the flag "Imperio"
3 in Green Vermin of the flag "Chromatic Legion"
3 in Revolution of the flag "Crimson Wave"
3 in Swanky Squids
3 in Heavy Industry
3 in Pillagers R Us